Banquet server

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A banquet server serves food and beverage to customers and provides table maintenance and room setup and tear down. Food orders may or may not have to be taken depending on the menu selections for the event. Banquet servers may work in restaurants, hotels, banquet halls. This position requires excellent customer service and ability to work under pressure.

Job Tasks:

  • • Greet customers and familiarize them with the food and beverage menu.
  • • May be required to present with food and beverage options, take orders, make recommendations, and answer questions regarding the food and beverage.
  • • Act as the point of contact between the patron and bar and kitchen staff.
  • • Make recommendations on wine selection with meals.
  • • Serve food and beverages.


  • • Serving It Right Certification.
  • • Excellent customer service skills.
  • • Good physical condition
  • • Flexible schedule, ability to work during weekend and holidays

English level required:

high intermediate

Locations Available:

Metro Vancouver Area.

Type of Employers:

Hotels, Conference Centers.

Employment Date:

available all year long

Approx. Hours of Work:

15-30 hours per week

Usual Salary:



Under 35


Send your application with copy of your passport, your resume and a proof copy of your registration at the University or Post Secondary School.


If you are interested in applying, do not hesitate to contact us to