Hola future interns!

Work went by quite fast today. Even though I had no slee, I didn´t felt that tired at all. (and no I was NOT hung over as suppose to some false claims, I just wanted some airconditioning, because I wore a sweater :P) I got off at 3 PM, because I was planning to do a citytour with a new intern from Utrera. Luckily she cancelled, so there was enough time for me to do a quick power-nap and then me and the girls went to meet my roommate´s friends for drinks at Alemania de Hercules. They were really nice and we had a good time and decided to go out again afterwards. (I know what you are thinking, but it´s only two nights in a row and I was also free on Friday.. so who cares ;)

Spain Internship | Towers Alameda de Hercules

Two of the four towers at Alameda de Herculés

Spain Internship | Alameda de Herculés

Scottish, Finnish and DUTCH people at Alameda de Herculés

We went to this bar in Calle Betis (can´t remember the name) at about 2.30 AM or something. Calle Betis was quite dead, but there was loud music coming from this one bar and wherever there is music and people, we will be there! The music was nice, more spanish music than in the clubs from yesterday, but there were some guys there REALLY enjoying the music. Well, I counted at least three weirdo´s. One big guy was rubbing up against the wall, another was superskinny and determined to show ALL of his dancemoves in one night. Then there was this other guy, looking like 40 something, but then he went off showing us his ID and he was only 29, that owned the dancefloor by himself dancing like he got stung by a bee in his ass.

Luckily the people from the group I went with were nice and pretty normal ;). I had a so much fun tonight... 

A better way to put it with this quote from my roommate: Two amazing nights in a row, can we make it three?... :)

Spain Internship | Bar Calle Betis

Strike a pose @ Calle Betis

Oh, I almost forgot to tell, I googled what I ate yesterday at the restaurant and they were… baby eels! Yeah, guess what I will never order again :S.

Today is the one week mark for me in Sevilla. It was last Thursday when I arrived and now it has already been one week. It went by so fast! I have a long weekend ahead of me since Monday will be a national holiday (Asunción de la Virgen). Hope the rest of my internship will be as much fun as this week!


Hola dear readers!

Wednesday was another day of work and here at Spain Internship, but it was also the day of the infamous and traditional Montaditos evening. The interns here go out for dinner together at this place called: Cerveceria 100 Montaditos. On Wednesday evening the food is even cheaper than usual. Everything is just one euro and the bigger salads two euro’s. We went pretty early at around 8.30 PM so we could have a good spot to sit outside, since it gets crowded so fast in the evening.

Off course I didn’t have a clue what the menu said, because it was all in Spanish, but I thought, hey… why not just order something random that kind of sounded good and maybe it will taste so delicious and I would have never tasted it otherwise, because of some things I would not order if I knew what they were. I first ordered a chicken sandwich that tasted really nice. After that, and you can probably already guess it… I had the grossest salad EVER. There were some kind of baby snakes sitting on top off it and at first we thought they were little squids or something. But I am never scared to try something new so I gathered all my courage, grabbed my fork and digged into it. Well, that was a mistake. It was so gross :(… but I hate to throw food away so I just stopped breathing and swallowed the most of it. Yeah gross, I know haha.

Spain Internship | Dinner at Cerveceria 100 Montaditos
Worst salad EVER!

It was nice to get to know the other interns and some people were really funny (or tipsy ;)! After dinner we went for drinks in another café and decided to explore the Spanish nightlife in Seville.

Spain Internship | Drinks with interns

Having drinks after Montaditos

First we went to an open air nightclub called Rosso. It looked really nice with black and red interior. The music was great, we had lots of fun and I enjoyed myself! Spanish guys are kind of annoying though, even more than the ´gangster guys´ from Rotterdam (Dutch girls know what I mean) haha.

Spain Internship | Rosso
The crowd in Club Rosso

Spain Internship | Club Rosso

After a few drinks, lots of dancing, laughter and talking we decided to go to another club called Alfonso. This was also in the open air and there was an extra dancefloor. I think this one was smaller, though it was hard to see through the crowd and in the dark. Offcourse there was more drinking, more dancing and more getting wasted (yes, I mean you two ;). But to every night there comes an end so at 5.. something AM it was time to grab a taxi and head back to the house. It was a great first night out in Sevilla. We came back at 5.30 in the morning and we probably woke half of our housemates up (oops!) but we had so much fun, so I hope they can forgive us ;).

Spain Internship | End of the night
Somewhere in Sevilla after a great first night out...

Time to take a long shower, eat some breakfast and then I´m off to work. Yeah, no sleep for me tonight. I know I´m crazy...Ciao!


Dinner at Cerveceria 100 Montaditosomewhere in Sevilla after a great first night out...

Hola everyone!

I have a love/hate relationship with alarm clocks. Without them I would never be able to get up so early, but why do they always go off when you really want to sleep. Mine went off at 7PM, because today was my first day at work. The internship was the reason that I came here in the first place, (no I didn’t came for partying, the food and the warm weather ;) haha) so I really hoped my co-workers would be nice and the work would be versatile.

The office is quite far away from the city centre so I would go to work by bus everyday. Me and one of my housemates always meet up with another colleague and we go to work together.

Spain Internship | At the office

With two of my colleagues at the office

My internet did not work for the first two hours so that was kind of annoying. So I could not do much at first (not that I really mind ;) I got some explanations about the way we work in general and some general tasks to do. Promoting and marketing the website and our company is the main importance of this month, since there are still a lot of students without an intership looking for one. There is a quite relaxing atmosphere at the office. Everyone is really nice and we don´t have strict rules. There is a lot going on at the same time, so for being there the first time I think everyone´s impression would be that it´s a little bit chaotic. But I soon got the hang of things and the way everything works here. Also I will work on this blog off course. Don´t know if it will be read, but we´ll see haha.


Hi everyone..!

Well, if you have read my first blog post you would know that I had to leave a lot of luggage back in Holland, because of some stupid rule saying that my suitcase can only be 20 kg. And the only way to solve this problem was to go shopping! I would be starting work the next Monday so I had a long weekend to explore the city and most importantly… the shops. Me and my roommate wanted to see the big shopping mall called Nervion Plaza, so we went to the tourist office to ask what was the fastest way to get there. By metro it was only three stops away from the city centre.

After a really successful shopping day we went to eat some tapas. I told myself to remember the name, because I want to eat there another time, but yeah… offcourse I forgot haha. Well, there are so many restaurants here so that won’t be a problem. By the way, at the mall we saw a really cool thing for kids. The could sit in some kind of plastic ball in a water pool and the ball rolled around in the water. My inner kid really wanted to do this and I think my roommate secretly wanted to do it too, but I we would probably just sink to the bottom haha.

Spain Internship | Nervion Plaza

Nervion Plaza

Spain Internship | Nervion Plaza kids playing

Kids playing IN plastic balls in Nervion Plaza shopping mall

In the weekend I also went to the main shopping centre in Sevilla and to some restaurants. The frozen yoghurt here is sooo delicious and all the tapas I had so far too. After dinner I love going for a nice walk stroll through the city, because in the evening the weather is perfect: not too hot, but certainly not chilly and the city is so beautiful at night, especially the cathedral.

Spain Internship | Cathedral Giralda by night

The cathedral at night

On another night we went to Calle Betis, a bar street near the river and it’s funny to see how different it is from Holland. People party more outside of the bars and cafes than inside. They meet each other on the street and alongside the river there were so many people. In Holland it would be way too cold for that.

Spain Internship | Calle Betis

Calle Betis

Unfortunately everything is closed here on Sunday so there is not much to do. The city is pretty quiet, except for the many tourists. I visited this beautiful church near my house in the evening. Inside of the church there were beautiful statues and paintings.

Spain Internship | Iglesia de San Nicolás

Spain Internship | Iglesia de San Nicolás

Iglesia de San Nicolás

What else to tell… I have the feeling that I came home with new clothes and shoes everyday here, because we live so close to the centre. I have no idea how I will be able to carry all of that home, but that is something to worry about later ;). I have enjoyed my first weekend here, though it’s still way too hot. Hope that work will be good on Monday.


Hola lovely people!

I´ve been in Spain for almost a week now and it has been great so far. Athough the weather is SO hot and I don´t understand a word of Spanish, somehow I still manage :).

Well, first things first. I am a business student coming from Holland to Spain to do an internship. I will work at Spain Internship and focus on Marketing. I flew from Eindhoven Airport to Seville on the 4th of August. I woke up at 4.30 AM (so early!) and my family drove me to the airport. After checking in my luggage (which was WAY to heavy and I had to pull things out (stupid rules!) and saying goodbye to my family it was time to enter the airplane.

I have not much to say about the flight from a company (I will not mention their name), except that it was a complete hell. There was such tiny space for your feet and screaming children left and right. The flight attendants kept selling perfumes, SIM cards, food and probably a lot more. After my negative ramble (haha) I have to say that we did arrive an half an hour earlier than expected so that was good. Finally, I arrived in Spain!

Somewhere above Paris...?

I left the airplane and it was like I was stuffed in a sauna with no way out. It felt like a 100 degrees celsius or something, especially if you imagine that it was still raining the day before in Holland. Two of my co-workers  eventually picked me up and we went to the residence where I would be staying for three months. After dropping off my luggage and meeting my roommate for one second we went for the citytour immediately. It was kind of crazy to go back into the heat after waking up so early and after the flight, but hey.. why waste any time haha. We walked around the city and they showed me some really nice places and monuments. I didn´t remember everything exactly but I´m sure I will see everything again since I wil be staying for three months.


Entrance of the house..

After the citytour we went back to the house and I got a little house tour. The house is really nice, but unfortunately the owner lives downstairs and his sister lives upstairs, so we are kind off sandwiched inside,  so I don´t think there is any chance for houseparties haha. I met my roommates and they were all really nice (and Finnish ;)

I will keep you updated about my life in Spain (when I feel like it ;). Honestly, I am a quite private person and I have never written a blog before, but well we will see how it goes...