So this is the ultimate Madrid post that I promised to write. There is so much to see and to do in the capital of Spain... Museums, parks, sights, nightlife and of course we were in town perfectly for the El Clásico so it was only right to go to see the game as well. I also had my first churros in the famous chocolateria San Ginés which is def. a must see spot and open 24/7. If you are planning to travel to Madrid, go on a guided city tour, watch football, bar crawl and party in the 7 story club Kapital. At least that´s what we did! The weather kind of wasnt´t on our side as it was almost 0 degrees and snowing, but I don´t care because I got to see Christiano Ronaldo live lol.

I hope you guys don´t laught at me because... I learnt how to add pictures here but this time the problem was that...I did something and lost all the pictures on my camera. Here´s however some that I posted to instagram.

Madrid was beautiful but freeeeeeezing.

Pre-game pictures at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium 2.3.2012.

Churros and chocolate at the San Ginés chocolateria.

I had a wonderful time in Madrid but I´m happy to be back in Seville. It´s already starting to feel like home. :)