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This position entails being responsible for providing a warm and pleasant checkout experience for shoppers. Additionally, the responsibilities will consist in operating the cash register, computers, payment processing equipment and scanners in the store, as well as itemize and total the purchases made by customers.

 Job Tasks

  •  • Handle customers’ payments in the grocery store.
  •  • Scan or type the price of the various goods bought by the customer into a computer that tallies the total to be paid for goods.
  •  • Ensure that the amount of money in the cash register is equal to the number of sales done in a day.

 Locations Available:

Metro Vancouver Area.

 Type of Employers:

Grocery stores, Supermarkets.

 Start date:

Available throughout the entire year.

 Approx. Hours of Work:

25-35 hours per week

 Requirements (skills & qualifications):

  • • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • • Basic math skills.
  • • Ability to work independently with minimum supervision towards obtaining optimum results.

 English level required:


 Usual Salary:



Under 35


Send your application with copy of your passport, your resume and a proof copy of your registration at the University or Post Secondary School.


If you are interested in applying, do not hesitate to contact us to