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Spain Internship helps students, universities and companies to connect in order to organise suitable placements for all parties all around Europe and in many different positions within different sectors. Every year we help public and private universities, organisations such as SMEs and multinationals, to manage educational programs of non-work placements in a way that is suitable for everyone. 



An internship program can last from 3 to 12 months with the standard periods being: February - June | June - September | September - February.
Internship length may differ depending on the study program. Normally students have a certain amount of time that they are allowed to do but we try to fit their needs to your requirements.


Frequent questions

Non-work placements programs must always be part of regulated education and be related to the studies of the student.
In addition, it is essential that students receive training during their stay at the company so that they learn while performing the designated tasks.
The characteristics of each internship program will be defined by the collaborating university of origin, and it will always be necessary to establish a framework agreement between the University, the company and the student, which defines the educational objectives, characteristics and tasks to be carried out.

Important note: Spain Internship does not provide nor sign internship agreements.


Working hours

A student doing an internship can do up to 40 hours per week, depending on their study plan. The requirements of each practice will be defined by the university or centre of official studies, being necessary that these requirements match those offered by the company. The weekly hours of work will also be defined by the curriculum and will be in an agreement signed by the company and the university. 


Legal framework

Spain Internship's mission and goal within this service are to connect students and companies helping both to find each other and supporting international relations teams and departments to organise internships abroad for their students. We do not provide training agreements or internship contracts, our candidates are always coming from well-known and reputed educational centres. The official educational institutions provide the documentation, often from a European Mobility program, such as Erasmus or others. Our goal is to make sure that you as a company find a student that can support your team while they receive education and knowledge in a certain field.

If you are interested in having further information, book a meeting with us at the link at the bottom of this page.


Students are not legally employees, therefore, they need supervision during their stay and there is no working relationship between the company and the student. 
In Spain, internships are regulated under the framework of "Real Decreto 1493/2011".      



In case you are interested, please book directly a meeting with our Sales Team using the tool on the bottom right-hand side of this page, or through this link. Note: if you are a student, you should apply in https://apply.spain-internship.com, this link is only valid for companies and universities.