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Spain Internship helps students, universities, and companies to connect for excellent internship experiences across Europe in many different positions within the marketing sector. If you would like to host an intern in your team, receive help with your business processes, and provide practical education and training, then we can help you to connect with thousands of students from our collaborating universities and educational institutions. 
If you are looking for another type of candidate you can take a look at: http://www.spain-internship.com/en/companies/

We also recruit graduates and young professionals. If you are interested, you can book a meeting directly with our sales team using the tool at the bottom of this page.

What kind of students are we recruiting?

Through our collaboration with top universities from all around the world, we recruit many different profiles.
You can find students for the following type of positions:



  Offline marketing |    Digital Marketing: Social media, SEO; E-commerce |    Direct marketing |    Sales |    Customer Service 



  Human Resources |    Finance & Accounting |    Business Administration


An internship programme can last anywhere between 3 to 12 months with the standard periods being: February - June | June - September | September - February.
The length of the internship may differ depending on the study programme. Normally, students have a minimum period of time for their internship which they are required to do as part of their studies, so we try to fit their needs to your requirements.

Working hours

A student doing an internship can work up to 40 hours per week, depending on their study plan.


Our service

Spain Internship's mission and goal with our services are to connect students and companies, helping them to find each other, as well as supporting international relations departments in universities to organise an internship abroad for their students. We do not provide training agreements or internship contracts, and our candidates come from well-regarded centres of education. The official educational institutions provide the documentation, often from a European Mobility programme such as Erasmus, and have ECTS credits recognised. Our goal is to make sure that you as a company find a student who can support your team while they receive education and knowledge in a certain field.

Our team supports the company and the student during the whole recruitment process, matching ideal candidates with vacancies, and assisting with the relocation process.


In case you are interested, please book directly a meeting with our Sales Team using the tool on the bottom right-hand side of this page, or through this link. Note: if you are a student, you should apply in https://apply.spain-internship.com, this link is only valid for companies and universities.