Cancellation Policy 


All our services are different, therefore have different cancellation policies. Within this article, we aim to provide you with a clear perspective of our cancellation policy by service

1. Premium internship search services
2. J1 USA internship programs
3. Recruitment services


1. Premium internship search services

  1. Once the service agreement has been signed and the deposit paid, we will not accept changes to the requirements. In this case, Spain Internship has full rights to reject the further search of the internship and it will be considered a voluntary withdrawal. 
  2. The period from the moment of payment of the deposit to the end of the deadline mentioned in this agreement is considered as the placement search time. Any request to cancel the service will be considered as a voluntary withdrawal.

    Deposits and refunds:
  3. The deposit is refundable only in case we do not find an internship that meets the student requirements described in this service agreement. 
  4. At the moment the candidate is interviewed and accepted to an internship fitting to requirements, payment of the full fee is mandatory, despite going or not to the placement confirmed.
  5. In case of voluntary withdrawal, the deposit is not being returned and Spain Internship holds the full right not to continue the placement search.
  6. If the student changes his position requirements after getting accepted to the company which results in him being rejected from the placement, a refund will not be provided.
  7. If an offer matching the requirements has been made to the student before the set deadline and it is rejected due to lack of, or delayed responses from the student, a refund will not be provided.
  8. It is the student's responsibility to inform about the requirements of the university. If a placement fitting to requirements described in this agreement is provided and the university rejects it, we are not liable; therefore it is considered a voluntary withdrawal.
  9. The student will get a description of the position before the interview, but you can discuss the specific tasks and other information related to the placement during the interview. Rejecting an interview with a fitting company without a proper reason is considered a voluntary withdrawal.
  10. All information included in this proposal is confidential information and shall not be passed on to third parties.
  11. Applicable Law Jurisdiction: These terms of use shall be governed by the laws of Spain and by no other law. Any litigation related to the interpretation or execution of these terms of use shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts in Seville.
  12. The payment of the total fee shall be done within 2 weeks after the confirmation e-mail is sent. 50 € extra will be charged as a penalty per week delayed. Other conditions may be possible under mutual agreement, which will be described in another contract.
  13. Spain Internship is not providing Training Agreements and the student is responsible for providing them. Cancellations due to the lack of training agreement will not be possible and the whole service will need to be paid.


2. J1 USA internship programs

  1. Cancellation - If the participant cancels after placement confirmation, he/she is obliged to complete the payment, as Spain Internship has already provided its service successfully.
    Has he/she paid the balance already, this will be retained.
  2. Substitute participants are not permitted because Spain Internship provides personalized Internship/Training placement.
  3. Violation of the program term and conditions can lead to contract cancellation by Spain Internship without any refund.
  4. The deposit of 300€ is refundable ONLY in case we do not find an internship that fits all the requirements set up in this Application Form. Otherwise, 300€ will be charged as administration fees.



In case of refusal or rejection of a visa application by US Consulate Spain Internship will refund your DS 2019 application fee partially (subject to terms and conditions of the visa sponsoring organization) if: 
- the applicant is denied the J-1 Visa by a U.S. consulate or embassy with jurisdiction over the applicant's place of permanent residence;
- the applicant has not violated U.S. law and/or visa regulations;
- The agency partner receives the original DS-2019 Form that was issued to the applicant;
- The refund request is received no more than 6 months after the scheduled beginning of the J1
training/internship program. 

In case of visa denial we could refund:
500€ for 2-6 months duration
600€ for 7-12 months duration

3. Recruitment services


THE STUDENT MOBILITY SLU only charges successful recruitment processes once one of our students recruited has been accepted for an internship in the host company.
The service is considered successful when a student enrolled in the collaborating education entity enrols in the mobility (internship) with the company, producing at this moment an associated service cost. The cost of the collaboration and each of the charges to be performed will be defined by the following requirements:
- Language required 
- Educational institution and country of origin
- Training Required
- Length of stay

The total amount will be paid in one payment by the company if the process of seeking the candidate has been satisfactory and has ended. 
In case the student finishes the previously planned stay the total price will be reduced according to the total percentage of the expected initial stay. Once the training agreement has been signed by the company, the total amount shall be paid, except cancellations by the student or unsuccessful recruitment. 



Students do not pay for our basic recruitment service, but we ask them for a security deposit to confirm a position. Deposits are 150 €, payable back 14 days after the starting date of the internship.