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Health, accidents and liability insurance for internships and students in Spain

Important note: the following insurance is only valid for Student VISA applications. If your consulate requires you to have a "autorización de residencia" or residence authorization you have to apply for a custom health insurance, which is quoted depending on many factors. Send us an email to and we will send you a quotation.

Why should I buy an insurance?

If you are a non-EU student, or your university does not provide you with private travel or health insurance it is necessary for you to obtain private insurance for your stay in Spain.
EU citizens are not obligied to have an insurance as they have the E-111 or European Health Insurance Card.
In addition, the insurance is an extra guarantee for the student, in case of illness and / or accident, loss of luggage, airline tickets and many others.
If you need a work liability insurance, it has to be quoted depending on your tasks, contact and we will quote your request.

With a good quality insurance:

You have protection 24 hours 365 days a year. Therefore, in case of emergency of any kind you will receive immediate attention.

  • Medical and dental coverage of the highest quality.
  • Save money, because in case of illness that you have to be admitted to a clinic, the insurance covers the hospitalization
  • Travelling expenses of relatives in case of hospitalization of the insured.
  • The insurance covers the early return due to the death of a family member or due to prolonged illness.
  • Repatriation or transport of the deceased insured.
  • In case the airline loses your suitcase or arrives hours later, with the insurance you can buy essential items such as medicines and clothes while the suitcase arrives.
  • Costs for cancellation of the trip in case of death or permanent disability

Our insurance includes:

1. Medical and health expenses: € 30,000
2. Dental expenses: € 100
3. Repatriation or transport of injured or sick people: Unlimited
4. Sending a family member for the insured's hospitalization for more than 5 days: Unlimited
5. Family living expenses max € 75 / day: € 750
6. Repatriation or early return due to the death of a family member: Unlimited
7. Theft and damage to luggage: € 500
8. Compensation for loss of classes due to hospitalization: € 50 per day / € 250
9. Compensation for accident or permanent disability in trip: 6000 €
10: General Civil liability (not work placement liability insurance): € 60,000

Choose your insurance according to the duration.

Here you can buy the insurance. You can pay by credit card or paypal credit.
Once you have paid for the insurance, we will send you an email to ask for the rest of your information, please add your contact information.

If you are an EU citizen:

 1-90 days - 108,18 € 91 - 180 days - 144,13 € 181 - 270 days -  189,68€  271 - 360 days-  235,23 €

Si are not an EU citizen: 

 1-90 days - 158,18 € 91 - 180 days - 194,13 € 181 - 270 days -  249,68€  271 - 360 days-  295,23 €


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