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Health, accidents, and liability insurance for internships and students in Spain

One of the requirements to get a student visa in Spain is to have health insurance. This, in addition to complying with the Spanish visa policy, will benefit you in case of illness while you are doing your internship abroad, even if you travel out of the country during that period.


Spain Internship provides you the best insurance to cover all the needs that may arise during your stay in the country, from in-person and remote medical consultations to English-speaking physicians that offer medical support in real time without waiting for translators or triage. It is available for any type of study stay longer than three months, from internships to au pairing.


Tailor-made insurance

Not all internships last the same length of time. That's why our health insurance can be taken out for as many months as you need. From three to twelve months, extendable if you need it - you don’t have to pay for the whole year. And most importantly: no waiting periods for your insurance.


Services and support for English-speakers in Spain include:

  • Medical Emergencies with 24/7 Helpline staffed by English-speaking doctors. We are the only health insurance provider in Spain with this service for its members.
  • Bilingual documentation.
  • Customer Care and Support with native English speakers who also speak Spanish fluently and have lived in Spain for many years.
  • English-speaking physicians.
  • In-person and remote medical consultations.
  • A Medical Chat App in English.
  • Cover during international travel.


Medical reviews and health questionnaires are not required.


What happens if I get ill during my internship in Spain?

If you need to go to the doctor during your stay, you don't have to worry about anything. There are no co-payments or deductibles, and a basic dental cover is included in the insurance. You have full unlimited cover in Spain, and worldwide travel health cover.


Who can take out insurance?

If you are going to spend at least three months in Spain (and you don’t live here), you can take out health insurance. Examples include:

  • Internships.
  • Au pair in Spain.
  • Looking for a house.
  • Working in Spain for a period of time.


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