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Health, accidents and liability insurance for internships and students in Spain

IMPORTANT: What type of insurance do I need?

After Covid-19 pandemic situation, most of the governments in Europe have become more restrictive for accepting internationals to their countries, and they require full health insurances in many ocassions.
As a general rule, ask your consulate or embassy what you need to apply for but keep in mind that:

- If you have to apply for STUDENT VISA: Consulate may ask you for a TRAVEL INSURANCE, which is cheaper and has less coverage. This was generally for internships valid before COVID-19.
- If you have to apply for AUTORIZACIÓN DE RESIDENCIA, consulate will ask you for a full health insurance, which price is higher. This is nowadays the most common insurance required when coming for an internship to Spain.

Why should I buy an insurance?

In addition, the insurance is an extra guarantee for the student, in case of illness and / or accident, loss of luggage, airline tickets and many others.
You many need to buy a liability insurance as well to cover your internship activities while in the company.

With a good quality insurance:

You have protection 24 hours 365 days a year. Therefore, in case of emergency of any kind you will receive immediate attention.

  • Medical and dental coverage of the highest quality.
  • Save money, because in case of illness that you have to be admitted to a clinic, the insurance covers the hospitalization
  • Travelling expenses of relatives in case of hospitalization of the insured.
  • The insurance covers the early return due to the death of a family member or due to prolonged illness.
  • Repatriation or transport of the deceased insured.
  • In case the airline loses your suitcase or arrives hours later, with the insurance you can buy essential items such as medicines and clothes while the suitcase arrives.
  • Costs for cancellation of the trip in case of death or permanent disability

Difference between travelling insurance and Full health life insurance.

A travelling insurance covers the following:

1. Medical and health expenses: € 30,000
2. Dental expenses: € 100
3. Repatriation or transport of injured or sick people: Unlimited
4. Sending a family member for the insured's hospitalization for more than 5 days: Unlimited
5. Family living expenses max € 75 / day: € 750
6. Repatriation or early return due to the death of a family member: Unlimited
7. Theft and damage to luggage: € 500
8. Compensation for loss of classes due to hospitalization: € 50 per day / € 250
9. Compensation for accident or permanent disability in trip: 6000 €
10: General Civil liability (not work placement liability insurance): € 60,000

A full health insurance covers all the above but unlinmited and without copay.

To apply for an insurance fill in the form below. 

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