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How to get your NIE (Número de Identificación de extranjeros) in Spain


NIE number is the foreigner identification number that will allow you to work, study or interact with the Spanish administration.
This document is only valid if you also have your passport or national ID with you, therefore, do not forget to have all those together.

In the case of students coming to complete an internship, Spanish legislation obligates you to get an NIE, to be registered in your city.
In practice, students normally get it if they have a paid placement (as they will need the NIE number to get a social security number), if your stay will exceed 3 months or if you are a non-EU student, for visa purposes. Though this is an unusual practice, please do not forget that you SHOULD always get an NIE number, and this is our recommendation. 


IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are looking for support for your NIE number, we can help you we our NIE assistance service. Register at the bottom of this page.


So, how to apply for your NIE number

First of all, you have to know is that you will always have to fill in and prepare the following documents:

If you intend to stay in Spain for more than three months then you should apply directly for residency, using the EX18 application form.
If you plan to stay in Spain for less than three months, then you should apply for an NIE number, using the EX15 application form.
  • standard form-application (EX-15), duly completed and signed by the foreigner OR if you are staying more than 3 months you can apply for residency for more than 3 months stays with the EX-18 Form
  • Original and copy of the passport or identity card, or travel document or registration certificate in force.
  • Photos 
  • Communication of economic, professional or social causes that justify the request (training agreement for your internship!)- must be in Spanish
  • Taxes paid. As of 2017, it is €10.60, which you can pay in any bank with this document here. Mark "Regimen Comunitario" Certificado de Registro / Tarjeta de residencia.

Once you have these documents prepared, depending on your deadlines you have to:

1) If you are participating in an internship through Spain Internship and your internship has been confirmed 4 weeks before the starting date it is absolutely mandatory to apply in your country of origin in the closest consulate and embassy. The appointment system of the government is collapsed and nowadays is almost impossible to get an appointment once you are here and you may have problems getting it or you may incur extra expenses. You can apply for it in any diplomatic representation or Spanish consular offices located in the country of residence of the applicant, corresponding to their area of ​​residence.

You may have to pay some taxes, though costs are not high. Many consulates allow you to do it by post. For non-EU citizens, it is mandatory to get your NIE in the Spanish consulate/embassy before coming.

2) If your internship has been confirmed less than 4 weeks from your starting date you have to make sure to book your appointment if you are going to a big city. Start immediately to try to book as the system is collapsed and there are not many appointments available.

In the following link, you can book your appointment: https://sede.administracionespublicas.gob.es/icpplus/




Select the province(Example: Sevilla) and click "ACEPTAR"
Click in Certificados de la UE. 
Select CNP Certificados UE and click accept.



A new section will appear underneath with
in the box. Click "ACEPTAR" again.
Then a new page will appear which will tell 
you what documents you need. Click "ENTRAR"



Then you will be brought to the next section 
where you will be asked to fill in your details.
Select passport or ID and add your ID or 
passport number.  



Next fill in your name, surname and year of birth.
Tick the CAPTCHA box and then click "ACEPTAR".


On the next page click "SOLICTAR CITA" and
then select the office which is closest to you.


Select one of the available appointments and click "SIGIUENTE".
If it does not work, click "VOLVER" and try another date.
The final page is just to confirm that all of the information is correct.
If it is, tick the two boxes and click "CONFIRMAR"


You now have your appointment and will receive a confirmation email containing all of the details of your appointment. 

No Appointments?

If there are no appointments available remember to go to the same website at 8:00 am on Monday morning. New appointments become available at that time. 
If it is not possible, then refresh all the time to see if there are any cancellations.
You just have to select the city you will be living in and then fill in your personal information. The option you have to select is  "certificado UE".
If there is no "Certificados UE" it means that you cannot book your appointment online and you will have to queue in the police station as soon as you arrive.

For non-EU citizens: You will need to get it directly in the police station in the foreign affairs department, once you arrive or apply in your home country in the Spanish embassy or consulate while you get the student visa.
Remember, getting your NIE number is always recommended and mandatory if you will be doing a paid placement.


You don't have an appointment? 

Getting an NIE without an appointment is not easy. You have to go to those offices that can make certificados UE NIE, in the same province you are staying. https://www.policia.es/documentacion/oficinas/oficinas_extran.html.

Then go really early, around 6.30 am so you can get a number to get the appointment. 
Note: this does not always work; it depends on the police station. 


Getting a social security number

If your placement is paid or you receive some kind of remuneration, you will need to have your NIE and a social security number to have access to the Spanish health system and other benefits.

This is something important and you should have it in the first days of your placement, or even earlier. To obtain it is easy. Just locate the closest social security office to your new address (ie type in Google maps: Seguridad social close to Gracia). Go early in the morning, get a ticket and ask to get your social security number. They will not speak English in 99% of the cases, so if you cannot speak a word of Spanish I recommend that you take in a piece of a paper with "Necesito número de la Seguridad social" written on it. Then, they will create it for you.

They will ask you for:

  • Training agreement
  • NIE (passport is enough if you are a European Union citizen)
  • Rental contract (optional)
  • Passport 

Once you get your number, give it to your company and they will take care of the rest. 

NIE (Identification number for foreigners in Spain)
Due to some changes in Spanish legislation, now you are required to apply for your NIE if you are doing an internship in Spain. 
For non EU-citizens: You can do it in the Consulate  in your home country. Please note you will need to do it before coming to Spain. The NIE is mandatory for doing the internship!
For EU-citizens: You will need to make an appointment one month before your arrival so that you can have it before starting at the school. (You have to book your appointment one month before coming to Spain, you don´t need to come earlier)
In the following link you can book your appointment:

You just have to select the city you will be living in and after that submit your personal information. The option you have to select is "certificado UE".

If you want to have professionals who help you in the management of your NIE in a personalized way, we can help you! Register in the following form.


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