"The internship had fulfilled all my expectations." The application process was easy and straightforward, I got the quick response from the institution, I asked internship in. Shortly after being accepted…
  • Name Karolina Perasinova
  • Age 20
  • Country Slovakian
"My application and the entire process with Spain Internship went really smoothly. The entire team was helpful and warmth during the entire process." My internship did match my expectations and…
  • Name Flore Blanchard
  • Age 22
  • Country France
¨My application process with Spain-internship was very easy and fast!¨ My internship and tasks were connected to marketing, aimed to improve my skills in content design. It was exactly what…
  • Name Tetyana Momotyuk
  • Age 20
  • Country Ukrainia
¨Working with Spain- internship as intermediary company was fast, accurate and correct!¨ My tasks were at the hotel's restaurant. Supply of beverages, meal preparation, table cleaning, changing of covers and…
  • Name Simeon Drinkov
  • Age 22
  • Country Bulgaria
"The application process was fairly simple!" As there was always someone to inform me or for me to ask if I had any difficulties. Once I arrived to my destination,…
  • Name Calum Tait
  • Age 20
  • Country England
" I felt very good with the application process and I always received all the information for my internship." Perfect. I felt very good with the application process and I…
  • Name Melissa Palestino
  • Age 24
  • Country Mexico
"It was probably the best summer of my life to live in Barcelona and work in a hostel" The application process was a breeze as everything on behalf of Spain…
  • Name Parvan Mathew
  • Age 24
  • Country Sri Lanka
"I am really satisfied and happy about the experience. The application process was easy and fast." The application process was easy and fast, I had the interview just after my…
  • Name Anna Tommasini
  • Age 23
  • Country Italy
"I cannot say enough thank you for the incredible job you guys do. I would not have had this experience without you." Fantastic! The application process is so fast and…
  • Name Esther Erdozain Laseca
  • Age 22
  • Country Spain