Algirde, Internship in Seville, Spain

“I am an international student from Lithuania, making an internship in Seville, having a wonderful experience..


Algirde, internship in Seville


My first week in Seville was amazing, I had some troubles like getting lost and then you can't ask people in english because they don't speak. However people and culture is very very nice, if you ask a help everyone help you.


A culture is incomparable, because all flamenco dancer is very good, and building have many history is good, because you can know more things about Spain. In first week I really don't like a food, because it's different from my country, but it's normal, now I love it.


Then I come in Seville in hotel, they give me a map, then I found  an accommodation.


First week in company was a bit uncomfortable, because I don't know what I had to do. Everyone was welcome and nice, they helped me if I need something. Now I feel like I working with family.

I feel very lucky because I have opportunity to be in here. And I very very thankful for you and all your team. 




Additional Info

  • Name: Algirde
  • Country: Lithuania