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Álvaro, internship in Sabadell, Spain

I stayed near my company, which is located in Sabadell. Fortunately, there is a train station 10 minutes walking from the company which allowed me to go to Barcelona Center everytime I wanted. I loved the catalan and the spanish culture, mostly the open mind of almost all the spanish people and of, course, the pinchos and the tappas! The food is absolutely amazing in Barcelona. My first week in the company was great, with the others interns "taking care" of me and assuring that I was okay and able to do all the tasks. Also my bosses were very friendly, since they were asking me all the time if I was feeling good and enjoying the work. They really encourage us to think out of the box and contribute with new ideas, which is good. The company is really great because allow us to work on a international environment and promotes the exchange of ideas and thoughts about several issues. I really liked to work there.

Even the spanish people have made an effort to speak in english, in order to have no intern isolated from them.

I have learnt some not only technical skills, mostly in excel, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, spoken english, SEO, negotiation and so on, but also a lot of soft skills, like the cooperation and teamwork spirit and the international interchange of ideas.

Unfortunately, I have no images of the company but I can describe it to you: It's like a warehouse, where the first floor is dedicated the manufacturing and the packaging and the second one is where the interns, their managers and the IT guys work. It has water and is spacious. It also has a fridge and a microwaves where the interns can warm up their food.

If you need something else from me, feel free to contact me.

Thank you, I love you Spain Internship!!



Additional Info

  • Name: Álvaro
  • Country: Sabadell, Spain