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Our collaborator is a creative digital agency in Milan that develops and manages online marketing campaigns and applications for their customers and their products. They work with companies in all sizes; from start ups to big and world known companies. They are now looking for interns that will help them with their tasks, while also having own projects.

Our collaborator is an innovative company in the catering industry with the aim to offer an exclusive service to its customers. It has a wide international experience in the fields of catering, tourism and events organization.
Our collaborator is an on-line wine shop with the aim to revolutionize the wine market providing experts recommendations to their customers.  In Spain they are based in Barcelona, but they are operating in 14 countries all over the world. 

We a young and modern hotel chain, born in 2001. We have the most complete selection of central and boutique hotels in Spain. With state-of- the-art technology and located in emblematic buildings of the main Spanish cities, we offer 33 design hotels in the centre of Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia or Bilbao.

Our partner is a young business group that focuses strongly on the Research and Development in the field of marketing and communication. They are looking for active and dedicated interns to join their professional team in Sales Department for beauty products targeting both men and women. By being a part of this organization, you will have a precious opportunity to learn more about the most advanced techniques of sales and communication that they have implemented so far, not to mention practical experience in the industry of E-commerce.

Sunday, 19 April 2015 13:41

Affiliate Marketing Internship in Madrid

Our collaborator is a young but dynamic group who has experiences in innovation in Marketing and Communication. Their Sales Department is seeking potential and dedicated candidates to join their team in Madrid, Spain for beauty products targeting both men and women. Joining this team, you will have invaluable opportunities to learn the most advanced techniques of sales and communication as well as practical experience in E-commerce industry. 

For our online shop we are looking for a highly motivated, creative, organized intern interested in E-Commerce. You will be a part of a young and dynamic team with a focus on unique and original shops.

We are looking for a creative Visual Design Intern with great interest in modern web trends who can help us take our corporate brand to the next level. You will take part in the important task of creating our overall visual communication across all our platforms, together with the rest of our design and marketing team.

As an international company, translation is of crucial importance for us to deliver consistent material across all of our markets. With this in mind, we are looking for interns who understand the basics of marketing but also have an eye for translation. The internship consists of assisting your Market Leader to create, schedule and maintain your native marketing content across various online sales platforms such as websites, brochures, blogs, PR, and social media.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016 11:04

Leah, internship in Seville, Spain

I should say that everything went really well when I arrived in Seville. I stayed in an AirBnb during the first week of my stay, and I visited a flat, that I immediately liked, so within a few days I already had my place. Concerning the food, I love tapas, being French makes it easier I think, because our food specialties are not completely different. Seville's culture is so rich, I had the chance to discover the Semana Santa, and the Feria during my stay, and there were both very interesting. And Andalusia in general is an amazing area, with so many beautiful cities to visit. 

Concerning my internship, my boss, the other employees and interns were really nice to me, always willing to help me, my integration was really quick thanks to that. I have learned a lot about web marketing and management, and Spanish of course. It was pretty new to me, and I definitely gained a lot of experience since it was my first job that lasted more than 2 months.