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Clara, internship in Barcelona


I will try to answer some of your questions.

Application process
It took quite long until Spain Internship offered me a position that actually fit to my studies. Before that I received more offers for customer service or receptionist positions.
But as I was offered a position I was interested in, the application process went really fast From the first e-mail until the acceptance letter passed two days.
Afterwards there were some misunderstandings about my starting date, but everything else went uncomplicated. 
First Weeks 
I felt welcome from the beginning. Everybody was very nice and whenever I needed something I could talk to one of my supervisors. The team is really young and dynamic because of the many international interns. 
My tasks were clear and I always received good feedback and help if needed. The varied tasks were interesting and I always had free space for new ideas. Sure I gained skills in the specific software and also learned a lot about everyday working life in Spain. 
As I spent some time in Spain before I knew the way of life and enjoyed it one more time to stay in a great city like Barcelona. I didn`t need help with accommodation because I lived with friends of mine. But I clearly recommend to live in Barcelona citycentre, instead of Sabadell, where the company is based. 
I would definitely do it again and recommend to everybody who has the chance, to spend a summer in Spain. Maybe not for the money, but for life experience.   

Additional Info

  • Name: Clara
  • Country: Germany