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Jamal, internship in Calella

First of all i would like to say thank you for your help and time. I really appreciate it.
I spent wonderful time in Calella. I still cant imagine that i am leaving Spain. My team was one of the best teams ever, guys were so friendly and helpful from the 1st day when i arrived.

I cant complain about anything, food and accomodation was good, i was living just in 2 min from Hotel. In a short period we became a family, because we were living together,working together ,eating together and etc. Nothing could be better than feeling yourself like at home, i had this feeling during the 3 month.

Here there are a couple of pictures of my experience.

Internship in Calella  Internship in Calella

Additional Info

  • Name: Jamal, internship in a hotel in Calella
  • Country: Azeirbajan