James, Internship in Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain

"As well as all the experience I have gained I will take away the great relationships I have built with my fellow interns."


I can absolutely say I loved my time in the enchanting city of Barcelona filled with beauty, art and culture. I have had the opportunity to meet new people, get involved in the culture, beach parties, live the working life and enjoy the many Spanish holidays.

What really attracted me to this company was that it was currently embarking on the internationalisation process. This was a subject that had interested me in the module of “International Business Management”.  An opportunity to work for such a company would allow me to gain a practical understanding of the internationalisation process as well as business .

The team was very welcoming to me during the first week of my . As anyone would be, I was nervous and excited but the team helped me to settle in comfortably. Prior starting I had to sort out documents such as my N.I.E number and social security number as well as finding accommodation which can be a daunting experience. However both my boss and the kind people at were on hand to help. I lived in the town of Sabadell for a month, a quiet and calm town away from the city. Naturally being a city boy I decided to move to the city of Barcelona and commute to work which had its benefits and drawbacks - one less hour in bed and a bit more costly but worth it.

Working with a developing small company that has grown rapidly over the past three years has really given me the opportunity to see the efforts and hard work it takes to survive as a business in this digital age in the e-commerce market. With any job you will experience ups and downs; this gave me the opportunity to see my strengths and areas of weaknesses to improve on. My greatest challenge in the role was the language barrier at times and communication. This obstacle pushed me to improve upon my cross-cultural skills. I was able to adapt to cultural customs and differences through daily interaction with my work colleges as well as overcome social differences and foster cultural understanding. 

The role allowed me get involved with the company, as an intern I could give suggestions, ideas, which was always considered and taken into account. I was also allowed to exercise the theories and traits I have learnt at university.

As well as all the experience I have gained I will take away the great relationships I have built with my fellow interns.  I had the opportunity to work with great people who I was able to bond with, laugh and build friendships with. There was an intern from each country that the company is present online in. This created a rich cultural environment where I could interact with people of different backgrounds, cultures and languages and ultimately learn from them.



James Sylvanus Hingston – Williams 










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Additional Info

  • Name: James
  • Country: Sabadell