Laurane, Internship on Lanzarote, Canary Islands

"I wish this kind of experience to everyone because it's so important to see that new people can bring so much joy and happiness. Thank you for helping me find this internship." 

My experience was wonderful.

Lanzarote is a beautiful place and it was nice to enjoy time there. The hotel in which I lived provided me with accommodation and it was really good. The room was shared between me and another person. I didn't like the food in the canteen though it was all right. At the beginning Spanish people were not so welcoming  to others because they were close to each other so for me coming as a new person it was kind of strange. However after one month it got better.

 I worked in the restaurant department as a waitress. It was not the easiest job.  Actually the timetable was so hard (I mean I finished at 24:00 most of the time) And the work was so much tiring. Anyway, I discovered and learned a lot of new things during this internship, even if it is not in the sector I want to work it has been very Rewarding.   I am glad for having done this. I learned how get a dinner ready for 800 guests, including the reception and propose a service at the restaurant in a quick and efficient way to the customers. I have got more knowledge and skills through this internship than if I was in Paris just in an office in front of a computer.  Moreover, I improved so much my English during theses 3 months because i spoke everyday in English or in Spanish.

Then, the best part of my internship is the people I have met. It was amazing to make friends and create a real friendship with Italian, Hungarian, Spanish guys and share a lot of moments, which now are memories. The only thing I wish is to travel again to meet people and discover new things.

My experience has been really great. I wish this kind of experience to everyone because it's so important to see that new people can bring so much joy and happiness. And the work is a great experience to make you open the eyes on the real work life. Thank you for helping me find this internship. 

Laurane Wyart










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Additional Info

  • Name: Laura
  • Country: Canary Islands, Spain