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Leah, internship in Seville, Spain

I should say that everything went really well when I arrived in Seville. I stayed in an AirBnb during the first week of my stay, and I visited a flat, that I immediately liked, so within a few days I already had my place. Concerning the food, I love tapas, being French makes it easier I think, because our food specialties are not completely different. Seville's culture is so rich, I had the chance to discover the Semana Santa, and the Feria during my stay, and there were both very interesting. And Andalusia in general is an amazing area, with so many beautiful cities to visit. 

Concerning my internship, my boss, the other employees and interns were really nice to me, always willing to help me, my integration was really quick thanks to that. I have learned a lot about web marketing and management, and Spanish of course. It was pretty new to me, and I definitely gained a lot of experience since it was my first job that lasted more than 2 months. 

Additional Info

  • Name: Leah
  • Country: Seville, Spain