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Milena, Internship in Barcelona, Spain

 " ...I have to say that persons that work in Spain internship are really kind and helpful which is important for students..."


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Hello, I am writing you regarding the feedback about my internship. The application process was incredibly easy and simple, provided with a lot of information about the internship that student would be needing to know and I have to say that persons that work in Spain internship are really kind and helpful which is important for students that are doing this for the first time. I was situated in Barcelona for three months (February - May) working in a hostel as a recepcionist. What actually makes the city so unique is its diverse culture and long history. On the other side, a lot of everyday interesting activites, extremely vivid nightlife and modern exhibitions. People are welcoming and polite. The food in the restaurants and bars is tasteful with good quality, the same as groceries in the market. Fresh vegetables and fruit on every corner! Accommodation was cozy and the people I lived with are really nice and helped me to deal with the problems, if I had some. I found that the salary we had wasn't as high as I would liked it to be, but you can always manage to save some by changing a little bit of your lifestyle. Now that my internship is over and I am back home, I can say that the tasks I had, helped me to become a proficient in hospitality and comunication with guests. It also helped me to improve my level of Spanish language. I have learned a lot during these three months and I know that this internship will have a positive impact on finding a job in the future. I appreciate everything that Spain internship and the company I worked with provided for me by letting me experience this amazing city, wonderful people that I had the chance to meet and the job that I absolutely loved doing it. Thanks for everything!


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Additional Info

  • Name: Milena
  • Country: Barcelona