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Nathalie, intern in Barcelona in a digital company

"My internship was good, because I have learned a new way of work"


"The process with you in order to start the internship was very easy because I had (for once) all the informations I needed and Andrea was always so available with me, so like since I am kind of an anxious person, I felt really relieved. The application process as well was easy because it doesn't take a lot of effort to find what you like and to apply for it.
My internship was good, because I have learned a new way of work, working with Amazon which was a really great opportunity that I am not sure I would have had somewhere else, like it's a really specific area. Plus I have learned spanish which also was a really great opportunity. My tasks were growing brands' sales reducing the costs for advertising for more or less 20 brands (in the spanish, english and italian market so I was working with the 3 languages). It has matched for the 70% because some things I had in the learning agreement weren't taught to me (maybe because others were more important or for lack of time).
The colleagues were amazing with me and the other interns, since it was a small office with 13 persons so they were always really available with us, helping whenever we had some doubts, we have also had some meetings to speak about how we felt in there ecc. I don't know about the conditions to stay because we were paid 200 euros per month so it of course would have not been enough to stay as an intern. I don't know about staying as an employee because it's not exactly what I would like to do for the rest of my life. 
My experience was pretty good, I liked a lot the environment, not stressed at all, good working hours, stimulating tasks, so it was good. "
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  • Name: Nathalie
  • Age: 21
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