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Vitalba, internship in Valencia, Spain

The application process was fast and efficient, I only had a few days before my University deadline and we managed to find a host institution and a contract, it was really great. My first weeks were amazing as the rest of my stay! Since the first day all the staff was really nice and kind to me, they were patient in the beginning and with time they gave me more responsibilities and duties as they saw that I became more confident with them and with my Spanish. When I left I felt like I was leaving members of my family, they all are great from the cleaning and maintenance staff to the other receptionists and the managers. The best part of my stay was working and living with other interns, I was lucky enough to meet wonderful people that will stay my friends after this experience. About the food and the culture I don't have a lot to say, it was not my first time in Spain; furthermore, it's not very different from mine (Italian). The accommodation was not bad (we were living in the hostel) but we had to change room many times and that was very annoying. Overall my internship was 100% positive, I have acquired many useful skill that I didn't have before and I have improved some others like my Spanish. I would recommend this internship to anyone that want to live and work in a friendly and international environment!
Thanks again for your help with everything!

Additional Info

  • Name: Vitalba
  • Country: Valencia, Spain