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Zsombor's Internship Experience

"I developed during this time internally and in other aspects"





Your team was a great help for me. I was looking especially to work in Spain but my university didn't have contacts to do an internship in Spain. I was very happy when I found your page. The other hand your team was very helpful and flexible. There were a few occasions when I had to get my documents fast and you did it which is a big big plus. So all in all I am very satisfied.


The tasks which was described in my contract totally matched with the real life tasks. I would like to mention the days off too. In my contract I had 1,5 day per week but fortunately the company was very nice in this aspect and I was lucky a few times and I had 2 or 2,5 days off.


All of my colleges was brilliant they were very nice with my from the first minute of my arriving. They helped me a lot during my job. And the result of this I improved a lot during this time.

In the beginning it was very hard I didn't feel my self comfortable in the job because I am more introverted person like extroverted. I hated to speak with the guests but you know this is two very important feature for a good animator. So I had to chance in my behavior and I did it. But my colleagues given me huge support for this. So I developed during this time internally and in other aspects like communication skills, language knowledge mainly in Spanish.
I visited a lot of interesting places and I got new relationships connected to animation and hotels wich will be helpful in the later future if I want to work again as an animator. Altogether I am very happy for this opportunity and it was a great fun and I loved it!
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Additional Info

  • Name: Zsombor
  • Age: 21
  • Country: Spain