Internships in Spain

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"I feel that I improved myself not only professionally, but personally as well." The application process went fluently. I always received an answer in a couple of days. I really…
  • Name Szabo Antal
  • Age 23
  • Country Hungary
"I made many friends by helping them and by trying to make their stay more interesting." Spain-internship helped me well and they were helpful whenever I needed your help. I…
  • Name Adam Saky
  • Age 21
  • Country Slovakia
"The application and process went very smooth." The application and process went very smooth, I’ve got very clear directions and questions to answer, and could complete everything quite fast. Special…
  • Name Daria Sinkevich
  • Age 22
  • Country Germany
"My internship was a really useful experience for me." To begin with, my application and process with your team was really easy and helpful since you offered me a variety…
  • Name Evangelia Sidera
  • Country Greece
"Thank you Spain-internships for truly making my dream come true" Firstly I would like to say how relatively easy the process was to get my internship, start the process of…
  • Name Rivy Obinomen
  • Age 23
  • Country United States
"I'm happy with the experience in general" There is very little left to finish and I am happy with the experience in general. The application process was very efficient and…
  • Name Cristelle le Bris
  • Age 19
  • Country France
"I managed the company’s presence and made it grow through social media." The Spain Internship was very efficient and reactive and it was easy to find an internship.I was in…
  • Name Juliette Vulbeau
  • Age 21
  • Country France
" I met different culture, new people and visited lots of new places. " It was quite fast. Just one skype interview and after a few days I was accepted.…
  • Name Jiří Kalivoda
  • Age 25
  • Country Czech Republic
"I am absolutely glad with my internship. All tasks and duties came up to my expectations." "I do not have any remarks as for my process of application because I…
  • Name Sylwia Kamińska
  • Age 25
  • Country Poland