Internships in Spain

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"Overall, I would highly recommend Spain Internship. I had a truly great experience, I and I would do it over again, anytime." The application process was fairly simple and easy.…
  • Name Thomas johnson
  • Age 25
  • Country USA
" I got more experience from here, they let me work in all available positions, so I am happy about my practice because I met a lot of nice people…
  • Name Ieva
  • Age 20
  • Country Lithuanian
" I´m so thankful for this experience, Thank you very much for this opportunity that you gave to me! " Well, I have so many things to say. First, it…
  • Name Fir
  • Age 19
  • Country Romanian
"This was my second internship in Spain and both times I used Spain Internship services. Spain Internship personnel are always very helpful, patience, friendly, informative and just the best assistance…
  • Name Simona
  • Age 23
  • Country lithuanian
"it was a lifetime experience for me and I really enjoyed it!" I was working in Barcelona for 3 months from August 1st to November 1st!The first thing I would…
  • Name Anna
  • Age 22
  • Country Hungary
"I had a really good time, saw nice places, met amazing people with who I built nice friendships, experienced a new culture and gained lot of new skills for my…
  • Name Bianka
  • Country Denmark
" I met a lot of interesting people. I feel very comfortable and open now with this job and I think this is most important" The application process was good,…
  • Name Ksenia
  • Country Russia
"As well as all the experience I have gained I will take away the great relationships I have built with my fellow interns." I can absolutely say I loved my…
  • Name James
  • Country Sabadell
"Collaborating with your company was very useful, you really helped me during all process. I had some problems with agreements in the beginning, but you were really helpful and pleasant …
  • Name Simona
  • Country Canary Island