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I will try to answer some of your questions. Application process It took quite long until Spain Internship offered me a position that actually fit to my studies. Before that…
  • Name Clara
  • Country Germany
First of all i would like to say thank you for your help and time. I really appreciate it. I spent wonderful time in Calella. I still cant imagine that…
  • Name Jamal, internship in a hotel in Calella
  • Country Azeirbajan
My internship has definetly been an experience, tough at first but it has brought me so much ! The first weeks were hard not only because of the schedule but…
  • Name Emmanuelle
  • Country Girona, Spain
I should say that everything went really well when I arrived in Seville. I stayed in an AirBnb during the first week of my stay, and I visited a flat,…
  • Name Leah
  • Country Seville, Spain
The application process was fast and efficient, I only had a few days before my University deadline and we managed to find a host institution and a contract, it was…
  • Name Vitalba
  • Country Valencia, Spain
I stayed near my company, which is located in Sabadell. Fortunately, there is a train station 10 minutes walking from the company which allowed me to go to Barcelona Center…
  • Name Álvaro
  • Country Sabadell, Spain
The application process was easy and simple. During the first weeks of my internship I tried to get used to the new lifestyle and people. Since I have been to…
  • Name Viera
  • Country Las Palmas, Spain
" I would like to thank all Spain Internship team for the amazing experience I had in Spain this summer." Dear All, Firstly, I would like to thank all Spain…
  • Name Cristina
  • Country Barcelona, Spain
"Thanks to Spain Internship and their awesome consultants, who's made that practice real!"   Hi, my name is Diana Bulahvko and I went to do my practice in hotel Bali as…
  • Name Diana
  • Country Spain