Internships in Spain

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"I developed a lot of interpersonal skills and meet lots of wonderful people." First of all, I would like to say that it was truly an amazing opportunity. Thank you…
  • Name Anca
  • Age 20
  • Country Ibiza
"I was really satisfied with the application process." The application was easy and your team was of great help throughout the process. I got all the information and answers to…
  • Name Nastjar Humar
  • Age 26
  • Country Slovenia
"Working with children was great, that was what I wanted, so I'm very happy with this experience." I found the process with your company very easy. The website is simple…
  • Name Amina
  • Age 24
  • Country France
"I can definitely say that I met people for life." My application process was really friendly and kind. Even if, it was a season and I was working, the Spain…
  • Name Klara Grgat
  • Age 22
  • Country Croatia
"I think it was a great experience and I learned a lot!" The application process was really good, everything went smoothly, and the process was quite fast and clear. One…
  • Name Michelle Morsink
  • Age 22
  • Country Netherlands
"The application process was efficient, effective, and problem-solving." The application process was efficient, effective, and problem-solving. The internship provided me with insights within the food & beverage industry. The tasks…
  • Name Lado Ukleba
  • Age 22
  • Country Netherlands
"The internship had fulfilled all my expectations." The application process was easy and straightforward, I got the quick response from the institution, I asked internship in. Shortly after being accepted…
  • Name Karolina Perasinova
  • Age 20
  • Country Slovakian
"My application and the entire process with Spain Internship went really smoothly. The entire team was helpful and warmth during the entire process." My internship did match my expectations and…
  • Name Flore Blanchard
  • Age 22
  • Country France
¨My application process with Spain-internship was very easy and fast!¨ My internship and tasks were connected to marketing, aimed to improve my skills in content design. It was exactly what…
  • Name Tetyana Momotyuk
  • Age 20
  • Country Ukrainia