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If you have already found an internship in Spain but you are not sure about the documentation process or you are a company and would like to have information about the visa processes, you can still count on us! All the information is written and described in the FAQ areas of our website but, if you are interested in a customized and personalized service, we will be glad to help you with our premium visa consultancy service.

Spain Internship has a deep knowledge and experience helping students with the Student VISA, and we update constantly requirements and embassy requests, as well as provide tips to avoid visa rejections. Remember that you will need a Student VISA in case you are not an EU citizen and your internship offers some kind of benefit as payment and/or accommodation.

What does it include?

  1. General personal assistance by phone or videocall
  2. Evaluation of documentation, revision, and guidance to be submitted to the embassy
  3. We will guide you step by step during the VISA process
  4. General questions support

How does it work? 

1) Fulfil the following application below and pay the fee.
2) You will be sent directly a link to book a meeting with some of our agents.



Other services:

In case you are a company, an organization, or any other and you want to evaluate, ask for consultation or others write nieves@spain-internship.com and we will evaluate your request.

If you just need a consultancy service to solve some doubts about your visa or autorización de residencia para prácticas in Spain, you can book our 30-min VISA service by scheduling a call here.

Please, select WhatsApp or Online Meeting so we can call you by the most suitable platform for you. In case you still need our help with your autorización de residencia para prácticas or VISA in Spain after this call, you can complete the following form to hire our Premium VISA service, we will deduct 59€ from the full fee of our VISA Premium service.