Hotel front desk



Most of the times a guest’s first impression of a hotel is the result of the Front Desk Agent’s skills and abilities. Front desk agents provide many guest services, working in the lobby or reception areas of hotel, motels and other accommodation facilities. This position is truly challenging and offers the opportunity to work flexible hours getting to know people from all over the world.

Job Tasks:

  • • Process guest arrivals and departures, including all necessary payments.
  • • Handle & coordinate room assignments and pre-arrivals.
  • • Handle guests' concerns.
  • • Offer referral for services and handle requests for information.
  • • Handle and store luggage.
  • • Assist with the check-in and check-out of groups and tours.
  • • Assist other departments as required.


  • • Excellent conversational skills.
  • • 1 year related work experience.
  • • Ability to effectively deal with internal and external customers.
  • • Organizational skills.
  • • Ability to understand different accents

English level required:


Locations Available:

  • • Vancouver Island
  • • Canadian Rockies
  • • Okanagan
  • • Northern Alberta

Type of Employers:

Hotel, conference center, resort operators

Employment Date:

Winter: October / summer: May

Approx. Hours of Work:

35 hours per week

Usual Salary:



Under 35


Send your application with copy of your passport, your resume and a proof copy of your registration at the University or Post Secondary School.


If you are interested in applying, do not hesitate to contact us to