Due to recent events and the Coronavirus pandemic, we have accelerated one of our goals for the upcoming months, and we have implemented the possibility for students to do their internships online, from home, with enough quality and content to be just as valuable as an in-person internship. That is why we are firmly committed to developing our remote internships program. We have already around 50 companies that have availed themselves of this modality and it is already generating fantastic results. In this sense, we want to contribute our grain of sand and knowledge in the matter to suggest some ideas, together with our partner universities, who are supporting this initiative as a potential solution to the end of the school year.

Do you want to download our remote internships guide? Do it here:

Tips and benefits of doing an online internship

a) What type of tasks can be done remotely?

At Spain Internship, after consulting with many of our customers, we have compiled a list of potential tasks to do online.

1.- Development of the internationalization and benchmarking strategy. Undoubtedly, in order to develop any international market, people need to make it happen. Many of our clients have accessed international talent, which, over time, has helped them to enter new markets and consolidate the growth of international sales. Updating databases, searching for international partners, accessing new distributors, preparation for international fairs, analysis of international regulations, and agreements with international suppliers are some specific actions that can help any company to develop its internationalisation processes. Right now is a perfect time to conduct market research.

2.- SEO. The visibility of our companies on the internet depends on many aspects: the content, the languages ​​in which the website is accessible, the channels through which we communicate with customers, or the search engine algorithms, among many other factors. In this sense, many of our clients have been able to substantially improve the positioning of their websites in various languages, thus bringing together new users and clients. As it is a task that has a long-term effect, addressing this task today could deliver excellent results in upcoming months.

3.- Programming. International students studying technological development programmes are the ones using more everyday online working tools. 

4. Design. Creating web designs, graphic design work, and tasks of this nature, which do not require a personal presence in the company, can be enabled through basic follow-up meetings and brainstorming to share ideas.

5. Others. Basically, any task which can be done online, which will positively revert to the company in the medium term, should be addressed now.

b) Quality remote internships, how can I manage these internships online, obtain results for my company and also offer a good educational experience to students?

1. Develop and demand a good training plan. Training is the most fundamental part of any internship. Keep in mind that it is what the students are going to take with them and it is key for completing tasks properly. Ideally, students would have task handbooks as well as video tutorials available online. We recommend the "atubecatcher" tool, that allows you to make videos explaining the procedures in a simple way whilst recording your own screen.

2. Set and organize tasks properly. Tasks must be clear, concise, concrete and have a deadline. We must bear in mind that students often lack professional experience, so offering clear, concrete, and concise tasks with deadlines can be a very interesting option. At Spain Internship, we use the Trello tool,, for organising tasks, and we advise both students and companies to use it.

3. Communicate fluently We understand that it is not possible for any of you to be connected by video call 8 hours a day, so we recommend the use of tools such as Slack for communication management and subsequent monitoring.

4. Make weekly reviews. 

Remote internships are becoming increasingly popular and will be key in the future, so we fully support students and companies who are willing to do this type of placement.
Need more information?

We have developed a full guide on how to manage remote internships properly. If you want to download it, do it here:



If you have already found an internship in Spain but you are not sure about the documentation process or you are a company and would like to have information about the visa processes, you can still count on us!
All the information is written and described in the FAQ areas of our website but, if you are interested in a customized and personalized service, we will be glad to help you with our premium visa consultancy service.

Spain Internship has a deep knowledge and experience helping students with the Student VISA, and we update constantly requirements and embassy requests, as well as provide tips to avoid visa rejections.
Remember that you will need a Student VISA in case you are not an EU citizen and your internship offers some kind of benefit as a payment and/or accommodation.

What does it include?

  1. 1 hour personal assistance (skype or any other video call system)
  2. Evaluation of documentation, revision and guidance to be submitted to embassy
  3. We will guide you step by step during the VISA process
  4. General questions support

How does it work? 

1) Send your request and profile, including CV, type of internship you will make and passport to
2) We will evaluate your request and if feasible, we will ask you to pay the service of 139 €, VAT 21% included in order to proceed.

Other services:

In case you are a company, an organization or any other and you want to evaluate, ask for consultation or others write and we will evaluate your request.

Important notice:

For students already enrolled in an Spain Internship program, or in some of our premium services, notice that your program may include basic consultation of VISA, do not hesitate to contact your project manager or contact person if you have any questions. 

*Please, note that though we have a really high success rate, we are unable to control certain details of each application and the final decision corresponds to the embassy or consulate, therefore Spain internship will not responsible of any VISA denial.




The payment has been made correctly. We will process your request as soon as possible and will reach you back by email.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us to or +34954000869

Spain Internship team

Accommodation for students: Rooms for students in Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia and others.

Spain Internship offers a wide variety of housing solutions for groups, individuals or students coming to Spain.
We have partnerships with many different organizations and any request will be forwarded to our customers.

We offer all kind of solutions:

  • Single rooms / Double rooms
  • Shared flats 
  • Appartements
  • Student residences

All our appartments have high speed internet, common areas and they are fully equipped. We only work with accommodation in the best areas of every city.



Accommodation booking request

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Program Description

The Work and Travel program provided by Spain Internship allows you to broaden your international
experience in the USA while learning right from the locals about the diverse in USA culture.

Travel in the USA and work in seasonal jobs with minimal training required, in order to earn funds
helping you defray a portion of your expenses.

If you are ready to apply, you can do it here:

This program includes
● Step-by-step guidance during the application process
● Help with resume and cover letter writing according to USA format
● Work & Travel placement
● Assistance in obtaining DS-2019 form 1 (needed to obtain J1 visa)
● Guidance and advice on housing in case it does not include it
● Information on Visas, visa interview, airline tickets and much more!

Fields and type of positions
● Resorts
● Hotels
● Restaurants
● Amusement parks

Qualified positions as architecture, business, science or engineering are not allowed in this program. If you are looking for an internship or traineeship, we can offer you our an Intern/Trainee program in
the USA. To obtain more information:


Work & Travel Requirements
● Basic level to communicate in English
● Intention to participate in the cultural aspects of the Summer work travel program
● Being enrolled in some university studies
● Demonstrate that you have sufficient financial resources for the period of the program is required.

Duration of the program in the USA
The maximum period of the program is 3 months, based on the duration of your summer break, plus the grace month which is 1 month. In this month, you ARE NOT ALLOWED to work, you can spend it
on leisure and trips within the USA The allowed travel period should not interfere with their job obligations nor should the travel period overlap the start of their next school semester. Students in
their senior year of university will be allowed to participate in the program as long as they conduct  their visa interview and have been granted their visa before graduation from university. Extensions are
not permitted in this program.

Compensation varies by company and depends on the field. Some companies may assist with the accommodation or offering you at a low price per week. The remuneration is $6.50 - $14.00 per hour.
You can work up to 40 hours per week. The remuneration will be range $1400 -$2240 monthly.

Form DS 2019
Spain Internship assists in obtaining the DS-2019 required for a J1 visa.

In this program, companies can offer you housing or/and transportation at a low price per week. In case the company does not provide you with the accommodation, Spain Internship advises you about
different types of housing and provides information about affordable housing options and assists you in finding the most suitable one. The cost of stay directly depends on the geographical region and


Income vs. Living costs
The rate of pay is $6.50 - $14.00 per hour.
The remuneration will be in a range $1400 -$2240 monthly. It all depends on the position you have and if you want to make some extra hours.
You can save around: $750 per month.

Living costs
In case the housing and transportation will not be included you will pay: $200 -$500 monthly.
Food and leisure: $400 per month.

Insurance Info
The insurance must be bought before going as the USA government is requiring it. Spain Internship provides the insurances that meet the USA Department of State’s requirements for J-1 exchange
visitors. This insurance fee must be paid in the second payment. If you will stay in the grace period, you need to buy extra insurance for that period. The price of the insurance is €45 per month. See the
information below.

Prices of our Work and travel program in the USA
Payments should be made either by check, money order, Western Union, Paypal or wire transfer.

First payment: Reservation

Second payment (including Sponsorship and work placement fee) DS 2019 emission +

After a position proposal, you have to pay the second payment. Notice that the DS 2019 document is the most important thing to apply for the visa.

€45 for the insurance per month of stay. You have to pay in addition to the second payment.
Transfer fee (Take into account the transfer fee, so before you send the money check what itis the exact cost. You can send the money by check, money order, Western Union, Paypal or
wire transfer.).


Not included
$130 USA government Embassy fees
$35 SEVIS Fee
Flights & other expenses.

Program in USA application process

● To apply, do it here:
● We will have a meeting with you to explain how is the process, possible offer vacancies.
● After confirming that you want to make the program, you have to pay the registration fee in
10 days: €250
● Skype interview with our partner in the USA. This will let us know what position we can offer
you based on your English level
● Position proposal. You will receive jobs opportunities to choose
After the position decision, you have to make the second payment to receive the DS-2019
document. (The most important paper to apply for the visa)
● Visa application. You have to pay the embassy and SEVIS fees. Complete it before 30 days
to start date.
● After receiving the visa confirmation, you can buy your flight tickets
● Now, you are ready to live your experience at the USA


Cancellation policy and Visa
● In case of refusal or rejection of a visa application by the USA consulate, Spain Internship will keep a €250 cancellation fee. Applicant must return the original DS-2019 form to Spain
internship and submit proof of the denial from the embassy within 10 business days of the denial.
● In visa application step: you need to complete it before 30 days to start date, otherwise, you have to pay an extradited processing fee of €500
● Cancellations received after a job offer is confirmed will be subject to a €250 cancellation fee  extra
● In case you are losing your DS Form and a new one has to be submitted, €400 extra will be charged for a new DS Form issue and sending costs 


Do you want to learn more?

Check out our students' reviews, or simply visit our Facebook page for more information!

If you are ready to apply, you can do it here: