Kitchen helper 2



A kitchen helper cleans and sanitizes kitchen equipment and assist in basic food preparation. In addition he does help with receiving and storing products in kitchens, restaurants, clubs, fast food, outlets and catering companies. This position gives kitchen helper the opportunity to learn about kitchen and restaurants operations and the opportunity to work by chefs’ side.

Job Tasks:

• Assist in basic food preparation.
• Clean kitchen equipment.
• Load and unload dishwasher
• Scrub pots and pans
• Clean food preparation and storage areas
• Receive and store good


• Physically fit (able to lift up to 16Kg).
• Basic food preparation skills.
• Work well in team.

English level required:


 Locations Available:

• Vancouver Island
• Canadian Rockies

 Type of Employers:


Employment Date:

  • Winter: October
  • Summer: May

Approx. Hours of Work:

40 hours per week

 Usual Salary:



Under 35


Send your application with copy of your passport, your resume and a proof copy of your registration at the University or Post Secondary School.


If you are interested in applying, do not hesitate to contact us to