From Spain Internship we would like to inform you that we do not have any relationship with a  website called "Be a student again".  We got to know about their existence just few hours ago and we have required to delete any logo or images from their site as well as  avoiding mentioning our brand in any way that would relate us directly or indirectly.
Spain Internship only works with educational programs from official institutions, therefore we do not establish relations with any sort of private entity organizing training agreements and do not accept their candidates into our processes.

Spain Internship 

June Collaborations

In the last month Spain Internship has continued to grow and to expand its network of collaborating companies and universities. We are happy to say that we have been able to further increase our network of collaborators as this translates to more opportunities for everyone. Our service is constantly improving and we are working hard to keep this constant trend of improvement high so we can give the students the best possible opportunities for their internships.

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European Commission is now giving away 15,000 free interrail tickets

The European Commission has announced that they have launched a competition, named DiscoverEU, where they will be giving away 15,000 free interrail tickets to 18 year olds as part of a project by the EU institutions to raise awareness of the European project aimed at young people entering adulthood. This comes at a time when Euroscepticism is increasing. This summer, anyone who wins a ticket can travel alone or as a part of a group for 30 days through 4 different countries in the European Union.

Read more: European Commission is now giving away 15,000 free interrail tickets
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