Euromob Project, Promoted by Spain Internship

Erasmus + and the Ministry of Education and Science have approved the "Euromob" project promoted by Spain Internship, the Chamber of Commerce of Seville and 6 other entities from France, Finland, Greece and Germany.

This project, presented under the modality KA202: Strategic Partnerships, will allow young students to go abroad to do an internship in order to measure the development of their social and interpersonal skills during their period abroad. The project has been financed with € 257,144 which will allow the creation of multidisciplinary teams in order to implement a system for the measurement and evaluation of the students development.

The project has been scheduled to begin in the month of September 2018, where all of the parties will meet in Seville. We hope that this project will be useful for developing the social and interpersonal skills of many young people which will help them in the future with their professional careers. 


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