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In Italy and Germany we have programs available all year round. Within this service we will search for a specific type of internship, location and dates creating a customised experience for you.
Depending on your needs, our agent will work specifically on looking for your request, where feasible.

For more information, visit the internships in Italy or internships in Germany section in our website.

This program includes:

  • Step-by-step guidance during application process 
  • Help with resume and cover letter 
  • Internship - Training Placement 
  • Guidance and advice on housing, language school (if desired), etc. 
  • Information on visas and legislation.

Main fields in Italy and Germany

  • Business/Management
  • Finance/Accounting
  • International Trade
  • Marketing/Communication
  • Sales/Customer clients
  • I.T/Graphic design
  • Hospitality


Both Germany and Italy have similar legislation for internships. In order to be eligible you have to be enrolled in an official educational institution and therefore uncertake in a curricular internship.
This is the only way that you can be accepted legally into any Italian or German company. Erasmus placements are curricular, but if you are not an Erasmus student you should check with the international relations department from your faculty if your internship will be curricular.


Benefits may differ a lot from one type of placement to another.
In general, Hotel or hospitality students receive housing plus meals, as well as in other fields a small salary or remuneration is usual.
You should check with our program manager to find out all of your options based on your request.


The internship can last as long as your university supports it and it is established in the training agreement.
Normally this is not less than 2 months or more than 12.

Prices of our programs in Italy and Germany

Internship or Training Placement

Deposit 100 € 
Rest of the fees 390 €

The total price of the program is 490 €, VAT included.

Process:  How to apply?  

  1. For the programs in Italy and Germany, send us an email ( with your CV and motivation letter included. In next 24 working hours one of our agents will contact you and organise a Skype call with you, in order to better understand your needs.
  2. Once you agree with the requirements and possibilities, if you are interested in the service you will need to fill in and sign our service agreement.
    After you send it to we will contact you for payment of the deposit. The deposit is 100€. In case that you are not accepted for an internship with the defined conditions, we will refund it in max. 48 hours after getting all of the necessary bank transfer details.
  3. Once we have received the deposit we will start arranging interviews for you. 
  4. After one company has selected you, we will help you to make the documents.
  5. At this moment, we take care of the rest of the things.

Other relevant information:

Accommodation: if not provided by the host company, we can help you to find your room. We have a large network of more than 2500 rooms all over the world, to help you with.
Visas and documentation: in general, we provide students with all the documentation to apply for Visas and we are experts in dealing with internship documentation. Keep in mind we are not visa sponsors. 


If you need to organise an internship for a group of students we can help you!
We have broad experience receiving groups from different countries.
If you need a quotation send us an email to


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