Language Courses 

Spain Internship offers a variety of language courses in Spain and abroad. We mainly work with Spanish courses for students or teachers who want to improve their language skills during their mobility program but we also offer customised Spanish and English courses for specific programs. In a nutshell, we are experts in organising:

  • Spanish intensive or long term courses. 
  • Specific language courses like Spanish for future health students in Spain
  • Any tailored or customised learning experience.

Doing a language course while you complete your internship

If you have been selected and you want to improve your Spanish, you can undertake a Spanish course while doing your internship.

What can we offer you:

  • Home lessons with a private teacher
  • Long term lessons
  • Intensive courses

Courses and prices

The price is different depending on the city. Please send an e-mail to to get information about prices of courses in your city.

Example of prices in Barcelona:


  • Intensive Course: 20 hours / week (4 hours per day)
  • Monday to Friday 160€ / week (Discounts for courses longer than 6 months)


  • Extensive Course: 4 weeks - 1.5 hours two days per week: 75€ / week

Registration Fee: 35€

We also organise DELE and TEFL preparation courses
DELE Exams are official titles with international recognition and unlimited exams in April, May, July, October and November.