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In an increasingly global world, having work experience abroad is a key factor for developing a successful career. It is also a really great opportunity for those who want to improve their language skills or even just to spend some time abroad and enjoy the experience, why not? Spain Internship has several programs abroad which offer you a wide range of possibilities with paid placements.

On this page, you can find a table of all of the programs that we offer and all of the information about them.

What destinations can Spain Internship offer you?


USA internship and traineeship program

Internship Program

We offer internship programs in the USA in both Business/IT and Hospitality/Tourism fields. If you are currently studying or are within 12 months of graduation you may be eligible for this type of program. Programs can be got anywhere in the USA, the most common destinations include California, NY, Chicago and Florida.

MAXIMUM INTERN PROGRAM DURATION: 12 months + 30 day Grace Period


Traineeship Program

We also offer traineeships in the same fields in the USA. If you have a degree acquired abroad and 1 year of related work experience or have 5 years of related work experience you may be eligible for a traineeship program in the US.

MAXIMUM TRAINEE PROGRAM DURATION: 18 months + 30 days Grace Period.

In these programs we guarantee a minimum monthly salary of $500 for placements between 2-6 months and $1000 for placements between 7 and 12 months in the Business/Sector and a salary of $1400-$2500 per month for hospitality placements.

We now control our USA programs at our https://internships-usa.eu website.
If you are interested in a placement in the USA head over there for more information about what programs are available and on how to apply!


Placements in Canada

Our Internship program in Canada gives you the best opportunity to gain international professional work experience while embracing Canada’s most famous attribute – its friendliness! In Canada, we offer placements in the Hospitality sector as well as City and Resort Jobs. Positions are available for students who want to move their career in any of these areas forward by getting hands-on experience in a professional setting.

Since 2018, due to visa restrictions, Spain Internship is no longer offering the Canada program.


Work in Ireland

We also offer opportunities to work in Ireland for a minimum of 3 months. Candidates must have a high level of English and be EU residents in order to be eligible for this program. The most common destinations are Dublin, Cork and Kerry. All positions in Ireland are guaranteed to be paid at least the minimum wage of €9.55 per hour.

Read more about our Work in Ireland program here