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In an increasingly global world, having work experience abroad is a key factor for developing a successful career.
It is also a really great opportunity for those who want to improve their language skills or even just to spend some time abroad and live the experience, why not?
Spain Internship has several programmes abroad which offer you a wide range of possibilities with paid placements.

Which destinations can Spain Internship offer you?

USA internship and traineeship programme

Our USA internship programme offers you a chance to begin a career in the USA. You can apply for an Intern Program if you are a foreign nationalwho is currently enrolled in and pursuing academic studies abroad, who has graduated from an overseas institution more than 12 months prior to the start date of his or her exchange visitor program.

MAXIMUM INTERN PROGRAMME DURATION: 12 months + 30 day Grace Period

You can apply for a Trainee Programme if you are a foreign national

who has a degree or professional certificate from a postsecondary academic institution abroad and have at least one year of related work experience acquired outside of the United States or for those who do not have a degree or prefessional certificate from a postsecondary academic institution must have five years of related work experience acquired outside the United States.

MAXIMUM TRAINEE PROGRAMME DURATION: 18 months + 30 day Grace Period.

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Work/Internships in Canada

Our Internship programme in Canada gives you the best opportunity to gain international professional work experience while embracing Canada’s most famous attribute – its friendliness! The programme is open all  year round which means you can get a full Canadian experience in a top location while working alongside your peers and improving your resume. Positions are available for students who want to move their career in any of these areas forward by getting hands on experience in a professional setting. 

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Internships in Thailand

Our programme in Thailand is a perfect combination for a student that wants to gain hospitality experience while enjoying working in a high quality resort in Thailand.

We  arrange for   3, 6, 9, and 12-­‐month entry-­‐level, Hospitality, Hotel Operations and Culinary Arts internships, under the non-­‐immigrant ED visa, as well as 12 to 18-­‐month Management Training Programs under, the non-­‐immigrant B visa, to Thailand. Our  placement service secures a Paid placement within the Hospitality Industry in Thailand. We work directly with manyTravel Agencies, 5 star Hotels, Resorts, Luxury restaurants  and other businesses in the industry, in Bangkok,  Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand), and Phuket / Samui Islands (Southern Thailand). Our participants will receive a training / internship certificate that will help them to start a career anywhere in the world with the experience acquired previously.

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