Work in Ireland program by Spain Internship

Spain Internship has a programme which allows you to find a job in the hospitality and tourism field. Our Work in Ireland program will help you to enrich your CV, develop key skills and improve your English language, both written and spoken. During your stay, you will experience the Irish culture and discover the beauty of Ireland. While working in Ireland, you will have great opportunities to speak directly to people who have experience in the work you aspire to and their knowledge of the job and working environment will give you a greater understanding of what you need to do to progress.

Our programme is open to students and graduates. The programme in Ireland is available all year around.

This programme includes:

  1. Step-by-step and one-on-one guidance during the application process
  2. Help with improving your CV and cover letter according to the Europass format
  3. Paid work position in Ireland in the hospitality or tourism field
  4. 24 hour emergency phone
  5. Assistance with the documentation process
  6. Information on airline tickets, visas, visa interviews and much more
  7. Support and guidance on housing, language schools (if desired) etc.


Work locations:

Dublin |  Cork | Kerry and surroundings of each city

Programme requirements:

English level needs to meet requirements to perform successfully in the proposed job position. 

  • The minimum period of stay accepted is three months for summer season, 6 months for the rest of the year.
  • Candidate needs to have relative experience to the applied position

Financial compensation

Our Work in Ireland program is paid with a minimum wage of €9.55 per hour and €1614 per month approx. It is possible to negotiate a higher salary if the candidate has experience.


Spain Internship has a strong understanding of the Irish labour market and application process, enabling you to find a work position which will meet your requirements. You just need to tell us the city of destination and the field and we will take care of the rest! In our experience, the competition among applicants is very high so we suggest to apply 2-4 months before your intended job start date in order to be successful. If you are from a non-European country we suggest applying 4-6 months in advance due to the visa procedure.


We will help you with housing assistance in order to find you the most suitable accomadation. We will also be able to suggest some hostel names if you wish to find accommodation upon your arrival. The cost of stay directly depends on geographical region and location.

English language course (optional)

Although good English language proficiency is required many participants wish to sharpen their language skills. Our courses combine speaking focused classes with a range of engaging activities and classes are personalised. Many of our candidates are satisfied with the high rate of success and they believe our language courses provide one of the best opportunities to learn English in a native speaking country.

We can provide:

personalised individual/groups courses

one-on-one teaching

general language course

teacher training

business courses

recognised examinations

language and leisure programmes

immersive (min 60 hours per week)

intense (min 20 hours per week)

Travel Insurance

EU citizens

If you are from a EU country you should obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). With travel insurance, you will be covered during your stay in Ireland. Public liability insurance & personal accident insurance are requested before starting the programme. 

Non-EU citizens

Travel insurance is indispensable for your stay in Ireland. If you get injured or sick during your stay in Ireland your home health insurance will not cover any treatments that you may need. We would suggest taking travel insurance at an agency in your home country in order to be covered during your stay in Ireland. Before receiving any medical treatment please read carefully your insurance certificate and conditions. Public liability insurance & personal accident insurance are requested before starting the programme. 

Programme in Ireland: Application Process

  1. In order to start the process please send your CV with a motivational letter to Jose (
  2. He will arrange a Skype call with you to better understand your needs.
  3. Signing a service agreement and payment 200 € of deposit
  4. Organising an interview for you with a company that is interested in your profile.
  5. Final payment
  6. Visa Application (only for non-EU citizens)– The student applies for a student Visa at the embassy. The student will have support with the application process
  7. Arrival- Candidate arrives in Ireland and attends orientation at the agency partner
  8. Placement process

Prices of our programme in Ireland:

Registration fee 200 €

Job confirmation 700 €

On top of this you should add VAT (21%) to get the final price.


Spain Internship is not responsible for the visa process. We will provide all the documents needed to apply for a visa, but we cannot affect the decision of the Irish Embassy.All nationalities are eligible to apply for our job positions in Ireland. An important note is that if the visa is denied we will not return any fees to the candidate.

Countries that do not need a visa for Ireland are all of the countries in the European Union and the Schengen zone. All other countries need a visa to do a Work in Ireland programme.


Our agent will confirm your job position. The full fee is payable upon 14 days of job confirmation.


If the candidate cancels after placement confirmation, candidate will be obligated to complete the payment, as Spain Internship has already provided its service successfully. -If the candidate has already paid the balance this will be retained.

Violation of the programmes terms and conditions can lead to contract cancellation by Spain Internship without any refund.


All of our CV’s are carefully screened by our Project Managers to assess their viability prior to commencement, they will advise the candidate if there is information missing from their CV’s, dependant on each sector. Should the situation arise where the candidate is still not accepted, a refund of €150 less 10% & any bank charges that may incur, for work carried out on this project. Refunds are only possible if we do not provide you with a job position. 

All nationalities are eligible to apply for our job positions in Ireland. An important note is that if the visa is denied we will not return any fees to the candidate.

If you are interested in our Work in Ireland programme, you can directly contact Manon, who is the program manager. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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