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Traineeship and Internship Programs in the USA


Spain Internship provides you with a program allowing you to find a remunerated traineeship or internship in the USA.
If you already have a company and you want only sponsorship, please, visit our only sponsorship program page: https://internships-usa.eu/j1-visa-sponsorship/


This program includes:

  • Step-by-step guidance during the application process 
  • Help with resume and cover letter writing according to US format 
  • Internship - Training Placement 
  • Internship - Training Placement Plan and Agreements (DS-7002 form) 
  • Assistance in obtaining DS-2019 form1
  • Guidance and advice on housing, language school (if desired), etc. 
  • Information on visas, visa interview, airline tickets and much more! 


Traineeship and internship in the USA: Program Fields 

  • Business/Management
  • Finance/Accounting
  • International trade
  • Marketing/Communication
  • Sales/Customer clients
  • I.T/Graphic design
  • For hospitality, hotel or tourism programs, click here


Internships in the USA: Requirements 

Intern or Trainee program? Which should I choose?

Since 2007, the US Government makes a distinction between an Internship in the USA and a Trainee Program in the USA. 

You can apply for an Intern Program if you are a foreign national 

  • who is currently enrolled in and pursuing academic studies abroad 
  • who has graduated from an overseas institution no more than 12 months prior to the start date of his or her exchange visitor program? 

    MAXIMUM INTERN PROGRAM IN THE USA DURATION: 12 months + 30 days Grace Period

You can apply for a Trainee Program if you are a foreign national

  • who has a degree or professional certificate from a post-secondary academic institution abroad and at least one year of related work experience acquired outside the United States
  • has five years of related work experience acquired outside the United States. 

    MAXIMUM TRAINEE PROGRAM IN USA DURATION: 18 months + 30 days Grace Period. 


Requirements for all participants who want to apply for these programs in the USA

The academic field of study, major, qualification and work experience must correspond to the desired sphere of the Internship or Training, level of English must meet requirements to perform successfully in the proposed intern/training position. 

Proof of sufficient financial funds for the period of the program is required. Internship - traineeship is meant to give foreign nationals professional experience and knowledge of US business practices. 

In certain fields, only unpaid positions are generally available. In such cases, the participant must provide adequate funds for the entire duration, at least $900 per month. Required funds decrease based on the amount of your salary for paid positions.

You can find descriptions of sample programs in the USA by clicking HERE

Duration of the program in the USA

The minimum period of the program is 2 months, but many employers are looking for an intern or trainee for at least 6 months. Although the extension of the contract to the maximum period (12/18 months) is possible, this involves an extra cost for the new DS-2019 form issuance. We recommend that you determine the optimum period of the Internship or Training in advance. 

After the end of the Internship or Training period, the participants have the right to an additional 30 days, which can be spent on leisure and trips within the USA.



The compensation varies by company and depends on the business field, participants’ work experience and other factors. Some companies may assist with housing and/or transportation. A modest stipend is not uncommon, which will be renegotiated after the participant has become a part of the working process. 
Stipends range from 500$ to 1500$ per month depending on your CV requirements and field of the placement.
We guarantee at least 500$ per month for 6-month stays and 1000$ per month for 12-month placements. Stipends may be higher but it is not guaranteed.

Internship USA


Internship or Training Placement in the USA

Spain Internship has a strong understanding of the US labour market and application process, enabling you to find an appropriate internship/training position. You name a business field and geographical region, and we will take care of the rest! 

In our experience, the competition among applicants is very high. Spain Internship requires application 3-4 months before your intended internship/training start date in order to be successful. 

Form DS20193

Spain Internship provides assistance in obtaining the DS-2019 form and developing the Internship or Training Plan (DS-7002 form), required for a J1 visa. 


Spain Internship advises you about different types of accommodation and provides information about affordable housing options that are available and assists you in finding the most suitable one. We also provide a list of cheap hotels to house you on your first few days upon the arrival. The cost of stay directly depends on geographical region and location. 

For an additional fee, we will work on your personal list of housing options based on your individual needs and budget. We can arrange showings, so you can simply choose the most appropriate one for you. We understand that arriving in a new country or city is often scary and intimidating. So we work hard to make this transition as smooth as possible. 

English Language Course (optional)

Although good English language proficiency is required, many participants may wish to sharpen their language skills. There are a lot of English language schools that are much more affordable than those offered in domestic catalogues. 

Spain Internship helps you to find an appropriate language school, which suits you best. 

Flight Tickets

We have access to a huge number of databases, to help you find the most economical airfare. 

Ready to apply? Do it in the following link! Apply for our USA internship program

Insurance Info

What is travel insurance for? 

If you become ill or get injured during your stay abroad your health insurance coverage at home won’t pay for all treatments that you could potentially require. In particular, medical treatments in the USA are often not covered by your insurance company at home. In case of hospitalization in the USA, the costs can be up to 3,000 USD per day. 

What is the difference between travel insurance and my health insurance at home? 

Travel insurance is private insurance that is valid during your stay abroad. The insurance coverage is extensive and complementary to your existing coverage but is not as comprehensive as your health insurance coverage at home. Certain treatments are excluded from coverage, e.g. treatment of pre-existing conditions, regular check-ups, orthodontics or psychological treatment. Before receiving any medical treatment, please read your insurance certificate and the conditions carefully to learn which benefits are covered under your travel insurance. 

Program in USA application process

  1. Application – Apply for our USA internship program
  2. Program Registration fee – To confirm registration, Spain Internship collects the application fee from a student. The registration fee is €300.
  3. Skype Admittance Consultation – The candidate will partake in a Skype consultation with our agency partner in the USA. Spain Internship will receive the report with the result of the consultation.
  4. English Level Assessment – In order to participate in this program the candidate must have an intermediate English level.
  5. Internship proposal.
  6. Final Payment 
  7. Visa Application – The student applies for a Student Visa at the embassy. The student will get support with the application process.
  8. Arrival – Candidate arrives in the USA and attends orientation at the agency partner.
  9. Placement Process

Prices of our programs in the USA

Internship or Training Placement + Form DS2019 (the major part of the J1 visa application)

Registration fee 300€ 
2-6 months 1,800€
7-12 months 2,200€
Insurance   $95/m


In case of refusal or rejection of a visa application by the US Consulate, Spain Internship will refund your 

DS 2019 application fee partially (subject to terms and conditions of the visa-sponsoring organization):

  • The applicant is denied the J-1 Visa by a U.S. consulate or embassy with jurisdiction over the applicant's place of permanent residence;
  • The applicant has not violated U.S. law and/or visa regulations; 
  • The agency partner receives the original DS-2019 Form that was issued to the applicant; 
  • The refund request is received no more than 6 months after the scheduled beginning of the J1 training/internship program.

Service Fees are not included in this program.

In case of visa denial we will refund:

2-6 months 600€
7-12 months 700€


The full fee is payable upon the signing of the Internship Agreement with the host company.


  • If the participant cancels after the placement confirmation, he/she is obliged to complete the payment, as Spain Internship has already provided its service successfully. Has he/she paid the balance already, this will be retained.
  • Substitute participants are not permitted because Spain Internship provides personalized Internship/Training placements.
  • Violation of the programs term and conditions can lead to contract cancellation by Spain Internship without any refund.

Want to know more? Download our USA program brochure here. 

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