Find your placement in Vienna, the historic capital city of Austria

Austria was once the German speaking core and center of power for the large, multiethnic Austro- Hungarian Empire. With the imperial capital in Vienna, this empire stretched eastwards from present-day Austria through much of east-central and south-central Europe. Doing a year abroad program in Austria, however, is a lifetime experience that will bring you directly to the home of one of the most talented musicians of all times, namely Mozart, Strauss and Freud. Getting inspired in Austria is not a difficult task, from the beautiful architecture around the streets to the delicious local food and of course not to forget the impressive Viennese ball, recalling the romance and elegance of the 19th century. 


Not already convinced to do your Erasmus Internship in Austria? 

Check our list below for the best places to discover during your stay in Austria:

1. Zell am see

Located in the Salzburg mountains, Zell am See is one of the most picturesque cities in the Austrian Alps that will give the opportunity to enjoy  a 80 miles of ski slopes during the winter and a perfect summer destination for swimming and cycling along the green paths of Zeller See. 

2. Wachau 

Along the beautiful Danube river, Wachau is the best place to try some of the unique Austrian dry white wines. Not only that, but the city is also famous with number of impressive medieval fortresses, monasteries, and castles, and even has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site because of its natural beauty and cultural importance. 

3. National Park Hohe Tauern

Can you imagine something more beautiful? About 1,800 square km of green lands, National Park Hohe Tauern is the oldest and largest national park in Austria and arguably the most impressive. This is where you can find the country's tallest mountains, largest glaciers, and most beautiful forests, and it's also notable for being home to more than half of the animal species found in Austria.

4. Lake Constance

Also know as Bodensee, Lake Constance is an excellent destination at any time of the year; summer brings the opportunity to go for a boat trip, lounge on one of the many beaches, or cycle along the shore, while winter visitors can relax in one of the thermal baths, visit a Weinfest, or spend the afternoon in one of the many castles.

5. Bregenz

Located on the shores of Lake Constance, Bregenz offers incredible views of Germany, Switzerland, and the Alps. A promenade runs along the waterfront, making an excellent place for a stroll, and the city itself is full of admirable art and architecture. 

6. Salzburg

Famous for being the birthplace of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the shooting location for The Sound of Music, Salzburg boasts a picturesque old town that looks like something straight out of a storybook.

7. Vienna

As the imperial capital of the country, Vienna has some big shoes to fill. However, its majestic baroque architecture, lively cultural scene, and cozy coffee-house culture ensure that it more than lives up to anyone's expectations.


Internship in a country with constantly growing commercial relations

Austria’s economy benefited greatly from its entry into the EU in 1995, the introduction of the Euro in 2002, and its growing commercial relations–especially in the banking and insurance sectors–in central, eastern, and southeastern Europe. Austria has high standards of living and close ties to other EU economies, especially Germany.


What is the Cost of Living in Alicante?

In Austria, a modest room in a shared apartment will typically cost around €400-€600 per month depending the area. In addition, the food expenses will range between €200- €300 depending on the person.


Internship Fields Available in Austria

Spain Internship offers placements in various fields in Austria. Our positions are most frequently in the areas of:

  • Marketing and Business
  • Tourism and Hotel Management 
  • Economics and Finance
  • IT and Telecoms
  • Web design 
  • and more


Benefits of the Placements

The majority of our placements in Austria are paid positions. Only a small number of them are unpaid. However, all of our positions offer a great opportunity to gain practical experience and knowledge essential for anyone's CV. It also provides a great opportunity to immerse yourself in a new language and culture.


Duration of the Internships

The lenghts of the placements we offer in Austria vary depending on what sector the position is in and what type of service you avail of. Positions in the Hospitality & Tourism field can last from 8 weeks to 6 months. Positions in the Business sector will typically last for 3 to 12 months. However, those who decide to use our premium service may be able to get internships of a shorter lenght in this sector. 


Documentation: What you need to know to prepare for your internship in Austria!

EU citizens:

If you are an EU citizen you will not need a Visa to come to Austria. All you will need to do is to register in the municipality of the relevant city  and get your student citizens number!

Non-EU citizens:

If you are not an EU citizen you may need to obtain a Visa before coming to Austria. 


How do we work?

Our Premium Service for your greatest experience in Austria 

In order to find the best possible placement for you we have created the so called mediation service- totally adaptable to your preferences or based on your university requirements service that gives you the opportunity you to be the one who chooses the company and not the opposite. One of our agents will work personally with you and guide you during the process in order to assure you with a lifetime experience for your greatest year abroad program. 
 Please check with our agent regarding your requirements and needs. Please note that this service is not free.

Total price is 490 €, VAT included.

For the mediation service, just contact us:

  1. Send us your CV and motivational letter to  and we will contact you for a personal assessment meeting.
  2. After we check your requirements and agree with the terms you need to sign our service contract and pay the deposit*, so we can immediately begin arranging your internship.
  3. After the interview, once you have been accepted by the company, we will close the payments and internship contracts. Note that you will be not be charged the rest of the fees if we do not find you the right internship.

* The deposit is 100€. In case that you are not accepted for an internship with the specified conditions, we will refund it in max. 48 hours after getting all bank transfer details.


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