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Spain Internship is an experienced organisation in the internship market, finding personalised options for students. Collaborating with thousands of companies in diverse fields we can offer you the best opportunities to do your internship in Spain or in many other countries.

We have two kinds of services:
1. Open vacancies:

Spain Internship recruits and selects international candidates for a large number of companies in Spain and Europe. Applying for all of these vacancies is completely free of charge and we will assist you during the whole process, trying to help you to get a placement with the required conditions. Although we have a very high success rate organizing a few thousand placements every year, within this service we cannot guarantee you a placement, as companies will make the final decision about your application. 

In order to apply for any of our open vacancies, you can use our application form at http://apply.spain-internship.com or press the Apply button in the Top menu. Just follow the application process and we will contact you for a Skype interview.

You can find all of our open programs listed at http://www.spain-internship.com/en/placements . To make them easily recognisable, all the vacancies which are indicated by a "No fees"! the title is handled through our recruiting process. Click here to find all the opened programs. 

DepositsWe do not charge for this service and it is completely free to apply and get a placement through our service. To avoid unexpected cancellations, to confirm assistance and participation in placement with one of our partners,  you are required to pay a deposit to confirm your participation, which will be given back 15 days after you start your placement. 

The deposit is 100 € for placements shorter than 6 months and 150 € for placements longer than 6 months.
Deposits will be required once everything has been confirmed by you and the company and before receiving the signed internship contract.
Deposits will be refunded 15 days after the arrival of your placement. In case of cancellation or not showing up to the placement, it will be charged as an administration fee.


2. Premium service:

As our aim is to guarantee you a perfect placement, we have a second option for those who were not selected in our open vacancies or who have really specific requirements. The mediation service is a customised, adaptable service where we guarantee to find you the perfect internship based on your university or personal requirements. One of our agents will work on your application and provide you with personal assistance during the process. We have some samples listed on the site, but they are just samples. Please check with our agent regarding your requirements and needs. Please note that this service is not free.
The total price is 590 €, VAT included.

For the mediation service, just contact us:

  1. Send us your CV and motivational letter to info@spain-internship.com  and we will contact you for a personal assessment meeting.
  2. After we check your requirements and agree with the terms you need to sign our service contract and pay the deposit*, so we can immediately begin arranging your internship.
  3. After the interview, once you have been accepted by the company, we will close the payments and internship contracts. Note that you will be not be charged the rest of the fees if we do not find you the right internship.

* In case you are not accepted for an internship with the specified conditions, we will refund the deposit.


Other relevant information:

Remuneration: many of our placements are paid though it depends on the specific vacancy and/or location. Some companies also offer accommodation and/or meals.
Accommodation: if not provided by the host company, we can help you find a suitable room. We have a large network of more than 2500 rooms all over Spain.
Visas and documentation: We will provide you with the documents and contracts requested by the embassy, but, we will not provide consultancy or customized assistance unless you purchase a PREMIUM VISA service.

Read more here: https://www.spain-internship.com/en/faq/visa-services



Our recruitment service is completely free.
The total price of the mediation service is 590 €. VAT included. 

*Download the PDF file here to apply and learn more about legal terms and conditions!
Click here to find all the programs!


If you need to organise an internship for a group of students we can help you!
We have a broad experience receiving groups from different countries like France, Finland, the UK, Italy...
If you need a quotation, email us at jose@spain-internship.com



Please visit our companies area in http://www.spain-internship.com/en/companies




Spain Internship connects students and companies in Spain and other European countries to make "prácticas no laborales" or internships. We do not offer job vacancies.
Students must accomplish eligibility requirements. All of the articles and the information included in this site are orientative and information may not be 100% accurate.For more legal terms read https://www.spain-internship.com/en/faq/terms-and-conditions


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