PAID Project Management / Economic Development internship in Miami

Our collaborator`s varied and extensive portfolio of experience enables us to bring to our assignments a proven track record and a deep knowledge of the markets, institutions and the best international practices adapted to provide sustainable solutions for industries, institutions, and governments worldwide. Th company is an international economic development and financial advisory services firm. They provide consultancy services to multi and bilateral donor agencies, government institutions and the private sector on promoting sound and sustained initiatives supporting the development of human capital, critical infrastructure, regional competitiveness, environmental sustainability, social inclusion, health, safety, and literacy around the world.

Main tasks: 

-Organize market demographic, competitor trend, and client operating and financial data from a variety of sources into accessible databases.

-Develop market-level demand analyses and estimates and client-specific utilization analyses and projections.

-Develop integrated quantitative models that support strategic and demand projections and financial planning

-Create and maintain complex, project-level schedules, incorporate detailed delivery dates by multiple disciplines and constituencies.

-Conduct other analyses as required, including market and competitive assessments and benchmarking.


-Bachelor’s degree in economics, statistics, math or a related degree that relies heavily on critical thinking, logic and math.

-Strong Microsoft Excel, Access and PowerPoint expertise

-Driven to achieve excellence.

-Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

-Excellent organizational skills.

-Ability to work effectively with team member to achieve results in tight time frames.

Native Spanish or Portuguese speaker are welcome to apply

Location: Miami, FL

Compensation: $1000/month

Duration: 12 months

If you are interested in this position write us an email to: info@spain-internship

This vacancy may/may not be available or may be a sample of vacancies we have had. To get updated availability and options, please, apply: Apply

Additional Info

  • Reference number: 1887
  • Field: Management
  • Stipend: 500€ +
  • Other benefits: ---
  • City: Zaragoza
  • Country: Others
  • Cost: Mediation service

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