150€/month paid marketing and administration internship in Sevilla, Spain


Company’s description: Our collaborator is an innovator in the field of ecological ice. Founded over a decade, it has revolutionized the industry of ecological ice. This has led to various business collaborations for its ice rinks products in 70 countries and 5 continents.  Ecological ice, the alternative to artificial and synthetic ice, has been used by brands such as Disney, NHL Detroit Red Wings along with skating athletes such as Surya Bonaly and Philippe Candeloro.  The outstanding business performance shows that after natural ice, ours collaborator´s ecological ice is the best ice skating surface available on the worldwide market.


-Customer management & Sales

-Marketing research

  • Internal and external research
  • Competitors and market: Analyze our competitor and the market possibilities
  • SWOT
  • Create suggestions and results

-Marketing online

Knowledge, skills and competence to be acquired:

-Marketing skills

-Real face business situations

-Getting used to deadlines

-Communication skills

-Networking with other cultures/age groups.

Salary: 150 €/month

Working hours: Up to 40 hours weekly.

If you are interested please contact us by e-mail on: info@spain-internship.com

This vacancy may/may not be available or may be a sample of vacancies we have had. To get updated availability and options, please, apply: Apply

Additional Info

  • Reference number: 1688
  • Field: Marketing & Business
  • Stipend: 100€ - 299€
  • Other benefits: ---
  • City: Salamanca
  • Country: Spain
  • Cost: Mediation service

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