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Our collaborator is an e-commerce company with offices located in Llinars del Vallés, near Barcelona. They have customers all over Europe and a broad network which is maintained by a successful international team that keeps on increasing. Their team consists of a group of young professionals that work in an innovative environment, making this the perfect place for your internship!

The company is looking for an active and professional student to join the team. You would be working in the Logistic Department. You would participate and manage the day to day activities, which will improve the company´s results in the countries where they are present at the moment: Spain, Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, UK, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Austria and Portugal.

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Our collaborator is an innovator in the field of ecological ice. Founded over a decade, it has revolutionized the industry of ecological ice. This has led to various business collaborations for its ice rinks products in 70 countries and 5 continents.  Ecological ice, the alternative to artificial and synthetic ice, has been used by brands such as Disney, NHL Detroit Red Wings along with skating athletes such as Surya Bonaly and Philippe Candeloro.  The outstanding business performance shows that after natural ice, ours collaborator´s ecological ice is the best ice skating surface available on the worldwide market.

Our collaborator, a well known hotel chain is looking interns for their hotel in the business district of Sevilla. The hotel is business oriented and stylish with good access to public transportation. The company is looking for interns to different positions. They want people for sales, conferences & events, human resources, reception, kitchen and also waiters. This internship will improve your organizational and commercial skills and responsibility.

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