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Our search box is useful when checking the kind of placements that you can apply for. All the programs listed under the “free” services are available or have been available previously.  Matching student needs and employer requirements is a difficult process which is why, when applying, please use our advanced tool in http://apply.spain-internship.com and you will receive the available vacancies for your profile. We are improving the application process so you will soon be able to select specifically available vacancies, set up priorities and book your interview with us online. 

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Let’s take a look and define all the different characteristics that are involved in our search internships engine:

Search internships with keywords: This option will allow you to search placement with specific keywords. 
Search internships with a reference number: Use it if you have a specific reference number. 
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Search internships by a stipend and with other benefits: This field will allow you to select your minimum for the internship as a salary, accommodation. etc... 
Search internships by city and country: If you want to apply for a specific city, use this.  Remember that you can choose international to see our vacancies out of Spain.


If you need more information about the cities, you can check it here:

Alicante | Balearic Islands | Barcelona | Canary Island | Costa del Sol | Granada | Huelva | Madrid | Malaga | Murcia | Salamanca | Séville

Don't forget that you can combine requirements to target your perfect kind of vacancy!
Once your characteristics have been selected, you will directly obtain a list of the most suitable internships according to your selection.
If you still have doubts about our service and how it works please check the Our Services page


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