English teaching assistant in a Primary School in Castellon (Accommodation and meals included)

Our collaborator is a school that provides English lessons to Primary school children. The school is located in a fantastic area, 10 minutes from the beach and 15 minutes from the mountains and well connected to the biggest cities in Spain (Valencia, Barcelona and Madrid).They are looking for an English teaching assistant to help with extra-curricular activities for kids in schools (3-12 years old). 

- Activities will include: dances, songs, newspaper, cinema, sports,drama, arts and crafts...
- You will be helping the school teacher conducting all the activities and will be in charge of talking in English with the children.

- Good level of English
- Feeling comfortable with children
- Patience and dedication

The student can choose between 2 options for the accommodation:
- Option 1: Living with a Spanish family (accommodation and meals). Then the student will have to spend approximately 15 hours/week with the children helping them with their homework and playing with them 
- Option 2: Living in a shared apartment with the other teachers of the school. In this case, the student will have to give English classes or one on one lessons in the school for 15 h / week
- There is also the possibility of taking part in Spanish courses in the morning.
- The student may also help the school in the afternoon for some extra money.

Internship hours:
- Monday- Friday: 12:30-13:30 teaching at the school.
- + 15 hours per week either with the family or giving lessons 

- From September 2016 until 31st May 2017
- But it is also possible to do this internship in the following periods:
From 1st October until 22nd December
From 7th January until 23rd March
From 4th April until 31st May

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Additional Info

  • Reference number: 1673
  • Field: Education
  • Stipend: 0€ - 99€
  • Other benefits: Accommodation
  • City: Zaragoza
  • Country: Spain
  • Cost: Free

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