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Spain Internship was founded in 2009 by our CEO, José Antonio Jiménez Lama, who experienced first-hand the difficulty of finding internships overseas, due to the lack of online resources and the difficulty of organising everything in a different language. Since then, we have been working to provide high-value curricular internships to foreign students in Spain and vice versa, collaborating with universities across Europe.

Today, with headquarters in Seville and presence in more than 15 cities in Spain, Spain Internship collaborates with more than 700 universities from all over Europe, with thousands of companies worldwide and has more than 120 signed and documented bilateral agreements. Our main job is to connect university or vocational school students with companies from around the world, helping students in all the relocation processes and supporting International Relations departments.

We also work with Erasmus + projects, managing programmes for organisations as diverse as vocational training schools or town council programmes for the unemployed. In addition, we have participated in European project proposals with the official Chambers of Commerce.

Our internships are always for a certain time, with a beginning and an end and whose objective is to gain experience in an area of ​​interest for the student and the university or, for ECTS credits, if the practices are curricular while providing extra help to the company. In any case, we only manage internships for those students who need them as part of their education or professional training.



We manage internship programmes both in Spain and abroad, with the United States being our second most important destination.
Each programme has its conditions, adjusted to the legality of the country, so if you are interested in knowing more, we advise you to visit the various areas described.
You can read other students' experiences on our Facebook, or in the reviews section only in English.







Spain Internship is a company officially registered in Spain, legal name THE STUDENT MOBILITY SL with CIF B90331588 and its main headquarters in Seville, Spain.
Spain Internship carries out intermediation tasks exclusively, putting into contact the interested parties, without participating in any case in the direct recruitment of candidates, in any of the possible forms offered by the administration.
Spain Internship does not offer internship agreements, we intermediate with companies and universities so that they make bilateral framework agreements by themselves. Since we are a private company and not an official study centre, we are not legally qualified to make internship agreements.
Spain Internship does not manage any volunteer program.

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