How much money will I need to intern in Spain? 


If you are about to start an Internship in Spain, or if you are interested in interning in Spain but are unsure about how much money you will need, this article will give you a guide as to how much money an internship in Spain will require. It will explain what will make up the majority of your expenses and how high these expenses are likely to be, depending on what part of Spain you go to.   





The price of accommodation in Spain varies quite a lot depending on what part of Spain you are going to. But accommodation in Spain does not have to be an overwhelming expense. If you wish to keep your expenses to a minimum I would recommend renting a room in a shared apartment. Not only is it one of the cheapest types of accommodation it is also a great way to meet new people. A room in a shared apartment in Madrid or Barcelona will typically cost around €350-€600 per month and in Sevilla, Malaga or Mallorca around €250-500. In Alicante or Granada, it is even cheaper, with rooms in shared accommodation usually only costing around €150-€350 per month.

Remember to be careful when organising your accommodation as some rooms may come with additional bills such as water, electricity or gas. You may also be required to pay a deposit so try to bear both of these things in mind when searching for your accommodation. If possible try to find accommodation where bills are included, as having to pay for certain bills every month will add up fast. 



If you are not careful, food can easily become a very big expense. But it doesn´t have to be. If you limit the amount of times you eat out and cook your own meals you will save a significant amount of money. It´s understandable to want to go out and enjoy the beautiful Spanish tapas but doing so too often may take you over your budget. Try to only eat out one or maybe two times per week and the rest of the time prepare your own meals.

Certain supermarkets in Spain are a lot cheaper than others. Once you move into your accommodation, try to find out as quickly as possible which supermarket near you is the cheapest and do as much of your food shopping as possible there. You can expect to spend around €100-€200 on food and drinks per month in Spain as long as you are not wasteful and impulsive with your spending.



Transportation may be something that you will have to spend some money on during your time in Spain. If possible try and find accommodation that is within walking distance of where you are going to be doing your internship, but if you are unable to, do not worry as there are options available to you to help you get to and from work every day as cheaply as possible.

Do some research on what forms of transport are available to you and look into weekly and monthly passes as they may be a lot cheaper than a pay as you go system. Most of the big cities in Spain have an underground metro system which may be a good option, if not it may be easier to use the bus system. Some of the cities in Spain have really well-developed bicycle systems such as Sevici, in Sevilla, where for a subscription fee of €13 you can use the bikes anytime for free for under half an hour.

Make sure to check if your student card or proof of residence offers any discounts because oftentimes they do. Remember that if you have got your NIE number in the location that you are staying in that this counts as proof of residence.


Nightlife/Trips & Activities

Nightlife in Spain is a lot cheaper than it is in a lot of other European countries. Often it is possible to get free entry into bars and nightclubs and most of the time if you have to pay to enter; it comes with one or two drinks as well. Try to avoid going to the most expensive clubs and bars. Spain is a country that loves to have amazing festivals which are definitely worth going to. Try and keep these in mind when planning your spending.

Spain has so many wonderful places to see so, of course, you are going to want to go on someday or weekend trips across Spain or Portugal. Try to keep your average daily spending down in order to allow you to save up some money to be able to afford to go on as many trips as possible. If you save up enough money you could go on a trip to some other parts of Europe or even North Africa. Trips to Morocco from the south of Spain are very affordable and worth doing.

Along with all of your planned trips and activities that you are going to do during your time in Spain, make sure to keep some money aside for an unforeseen event that may come to life at any moment. You never know when or where you are going to get invited to once you start meeting new people so try and be prepared for the unexpected events that you don´t want to miss.


Other Expenses

When coming to Spain you may need certain documentation or insurance which may cost some money. You may also need to get a new phone or sim card in order to be able to contact people and use mobile data in Spain. Getting your phone unlocked and buying a sim card might be cheaper than buying a new phone, but you should definitely check both options to see which works out the cheapest for you. If your current phone company operates in Spain as well than you won´t have to unlock your phone you will just need to buy a new sim card, usually only costing €10.  Monthly pay as you go sim card should be able to cover everything you need for between €10 -€20 per month. 

Your only other expenses will be purchases similar to what you would buy at home such as any personal products, toiletries, clothes etc. There are a lot of clothes shops in Spain that offer very nice and affordable clothes.


Keep track of your expenses

It would definitely be a good idea to try and keep track of all of your expenses to see where your money is going and where you could cut back if necessary. If for example, you have a trip coming up you might need to try cutting back on your spending to save some extra money to make sure you have enough to cover the costs of your trip. If you keep a note of everything you buy and how much everything costs, it will be easy to see where you could cut down and how much you could save if you did.

If you follow all of the above tips and be smart and careful with your money a budget of around €600-€800 per month should cover all of your costs including rent, depending on what part of Spain you go to. If you plan on going on one trip per month you may need an extra €100-€200 to cover the cost of the trip. A budget of around €700-€1000 euros per month should cover all of your expenses. At Spain Internship the vast majority of internships we provide offer a monthly salary. When you take this into account it is easy to see how affordable and worthwhile coming to Spain to do an internship is.


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