5 reasons do an internship in Spain

Internships are important for anyone starting their career because it allows them to get the experience necessary to kick-start their working life. Going abroad to do an internship is invaluable for your CV. With the growing competition for jobs in the world gaining experience has never been so important, and an internship in Spain is the perfect place to do it. Combined with its beautiful cities and warm climate, Spain is the perfect place to come for your internship.

Growing economy

Spain`s economy is growing fast. Due to this growth that the country is experiencing there are an increasing number of internship opportunities available to students. Now is a great time to do an internship in Spain`s growing economy. Spain has a lot of start-up businesses which are perfect for internships as the work you will be given will be of genuine importance to the company and you will be able to learn a lot about the field that it is in. There are also a lot of big corporations which provide interns with a completely different sort of experience.


Spain´s warm climate attracts millions of people to the country every year. With its mild winters and hot summers, it is a great place to live. You can enjoy the outdoors all year long and if you go to a city on the coast you will be able to enjoy the beach as well. The weather makes the style of life really enjoyable and relaxed and the environment around the cities is always really nice and friendly. After hours and on the weekends you will be able to relax in the sun, walk around the city or do anything else. When it is sunny, the options are limitless.

Learn Spanish

If you come to Spain for your internship it will be a great opportunity for you to improve your level of Spanish. Whether you are an absolute beginner or are already advanced at Spanish it will be a great opportunity to develop your language skills. There are so many fun ways to help improve your level of Spanish such as the many language exchanges that are held in bars nearly every night. And although a lot of locals speak some English, they conduct all their day to day interactions in Spanish which will give you a chance to improve every day. Whether your internship is in Spanish or not it will be a great opportunity to fine-tune your skills in Spanish. There are also a lot of language courses available that you could do outside of your internship hours.

Beautiful Cities

Spain is full of beautiful cities and every city has its own unique features and personality. Every city has its own opportunities for internships. Bigger cities have lots of opportunities and lots of things to do in your free time. In the smaller cities, you get to live a more Spanish experience. Whichever city you choose to go to, you will be able to go on weekend trips to all of the surrounding cities easily which is a great opportunity to explore the country. Connecting buses and trains combined with carpool services such as Blablacar make travelling between cities very easy and affordable.


Any internship you do will improve your employability in the future as it will give you the experience that is often required. Interning abroad adds an extra element to it and makes the experience even more attractive to future employers. Coming to Spain for an internship will enhance your skills both in Spanish and in the field that your internship is in. It will give you the experience you need to take the next step up with your career.

With all this in mind, it is easy to see how coming to Spain to do an internship will be both an amazing experience and also hugely beneficial for your CV and for your Spanish. You can read about some of the experiences our past students have had with their internships on our testimonials and reviews page.

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