A personal story: the change of my life

This is a story about my life. I would rather say, a story about one of my life-changing decisions. This is about how I decided to leave my sweet home country and go abroad to widen my horizon.


Aalborg, Denmark
It All Started When I Was Studying In Form 10

At that time I was searching the internet day and night, looking for opportunities to do an education abroad. I was open to any destination. Although, I met a girl once who was studying in Denmark. She was also from my home town and she convinced me of going to Denmark. And that is how I became addicted to this idea. I set the goal to do everything possible to get a place at this university and I went for it. So, it was August 2013, and my plane took off from Riga airport. That was my first serious trip alone and I was extremely excited.

When I arrived at Aalborg, I was meeting a friend of mine. I knew this girl before as we worked together in Riga. My first week was very productive. I wanted to go everywhere and see everything. I also met a lot of new people. But still, it was a new city in a foreign country with another spoken language.

The beginning is always the most difficult part. For example, I wasn’t able to find the products in the shops that I used to buy at home. They had also other habits and the local food wasn’t something I was used to. I think it is called a culture shock but luckily it disappeared after a few weeks. On the other hand, I am totally sure that the education, which I received, broadened my mind. Moreover, when being abroad, you can travel throughout the country at the same time. Therefore, I can say that it was the right choice.


Here Are Some More Words To Say About Travelling

I am the kind of person that can’t stay at the same place for a long time. That is the reason why I decided, after 1 year of studying in Aalborg, to go to Brussels and do another internship. These were really 3 amazing months. I did my internship in a big hotel just next to the European Parliament. I enjoyed this time a lot and now I have some friends from Brussels. Moreover, there were some extra trips that I did during my first year. For example, once I took my backpack and I went to discover London for myself. I also discovered Amsterdam this way, but in this case, I took my sister with me. And eventually, I did a study trip to Miami – you were awesome!

Now I am back in Aalborg for my studies and I am currently dealing with my exams and writing a final thesis. But you know what!? I have set some new destinations for myself. And it is not just about travelling. Firstly it is about education. I am applying for a new program. And what’s interesting about it, is that it consists of 3 semesters: 1st – lectures at the campus, 2nd – exchange abroad and the 3rd – doing an internship. So, it means that in the next 1.5 years I am going to explore at least 2 more countries. That is exactly what keeps me motivated to start new studies.

I can say without any doubt that student life is the most interesting time if you decide to go abroad. A new environment, especially if it is changing all the time, definitely changes as a person. Even right now, each time I go home, I see the people who stayed at the same place for a long time. Some of them haven’t even left the country yet. I see the sadness in their eyes. I see that I am different from them. Because I have an experience and overview of what life is like in other countries. And that makes me even more motivated to travel more and more and push my boundaries every single time! 


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