Process of obtaining social security number during covid-19 - company


During the pandemia of COVID-19, social security has been making a new process, in order to get a Social Security number for those students who are needing it to get an internship in Spain.
The company should request the number through the Casia system, using the company certificate RED which is normally used for these things.


Steps to get the Social Security Number online:

1. Collect the following documents
  • Download and fill out the training agreement or internship contract. The form has to be completed and signed by the student and the company. ent and signed by the company too
  • A copy of the student´s passport
  • A copy of the training agreement in Spanish (or with an acceptance letter).


2. Join all the documents in a single PDF
2. Select “Sin certificado” or with “Certificado (company certificate ID)
3. Fill in the form

Datos del titular
(*) DNI/NIE (passport ID)
(*) Nombre (Name)
(*) Apellido 1 (Surname)
(*) Teléfono (Phone number)
(*) Correo electrónico (email address)
Provincia y Organismo de destino
(*) Organismo: Tesorería de la Seguridad Social
(*) Provincia (Province based on the company address)

(*) Categoría: Ciudadano/Trabajador
Escrito, solicitud o comunicación
(*) Explique el motivo de su escrito, solicitud o comunicación.
Write the following text:
(STUDENT NAME ) realizará prácticas no laborales en la empresa (COMPANY
NAME) por lo que se solicita el Número de Afiliación de la Seguridad Social.
Documentos que se presentan con la solicitud
Attached the document joined (Passport, training agreement,..)
Pregunta de Seguridad
Reply the security question
Press “Continuar” and you will get the following message: Su solicitud ha sido enviada

4. Once you have the student social security number he/she is ready to start the internship



The student may choose to request an appointment through the form available at the Social Security electronic headquarters, in order to obtain a Key certificate or FNMT (first access to its
headquarters https://www.sede.fnmt.gob.es/certificados/persona-fisica/obtener-certificado software), and then be able to process the NUSS/NAF registration on their own.

This is the right link to get more information and proceed.: 



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