Paid teaching internship in Thailand


Do you want to teach English in Thailand? Do you want a guaranteed paid internship? Then this is a great opportunity for you!

We can offer you a 3 week TEFL course, in a group of around 20 people, in Thailand. They are all in the same position as you, so you can build new friendships, build your confidence together, create a network of support and experience this amazing country together.

The course includes the full 120 hour TEFL Certification course, which means that you can start working all over the world with this document. During the time of the TEFL course, you will be staying in a complimentary holiday resort in an amazing location.



During that time you learn teaching methods and also get to practice your newly learned skills before you start your 6 monthly long internships. You have the chance to extend your stay in “The Land of Smiles” if you wish to do so. There is no upper limit to how long you can stay in Thailand. There are English teachers located in every province in Thailand, so you will never be alone. Most of the teaching jobs are in primary or secondary schools, but they can also be in kindergarten, colleges and language schools. You will have the chance to show there what you learned during the TEFL course.

Many of the people that do this course stay being a teacher while travelling to new and exotic places while financing their travel with their teaching.



Starting date

 Early / Mid May until the end of September / beginning of October These terms depend on the school, so this is just a rough guideline of from when till when you could be in Thailand.

Normally you stay 1 term but have the chance to extend your stay during your time in Thailand if your school is happy with your work.


The placement schools

They can be either government or private schools, which both offer you free weekends. In that time you can dive deeper into your new surroundings and discover the beauty of Thailand. The working hours are from 7:30 to 4:00 or 4:30 during the week. Even though the day is long, the working hours per week are around 24 hours, which means you have a lot of free time to plan your classes.

Programme requirements: Native standard level of English

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If you are interested write an email to misko@spain-internship.com


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